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Loving mother to a perfect, little Angel Baby. Until we meet, Reighn Lee.

Rosiah Grace

Poet, Artist, Animal Activist.

RoseTheBrokenHearted's Works

Poetry 2012-04-15xxxRainxxx
Poetry (Love)2016-04-16To Be In Love With You
Poetry (Love)2016-11-30Untitled 2.0
Poetry 0000-00-00Dark Lullabye For You
Poetry 2016-08-10Dark Lullabye For Two ft Josh Hosey
Poetry 0000-00-00Like You Did
Poetry (Personal)0000-00-00If I Say It, That Makes It Real
Poetry 2016-01-26The Architect
Poetry 2019-03-08The Broken Hearted's Anthem (Rose's Greatest Hits)
Poetry 2019-04-20Every Thing I Shouldn't Say
Poetry 2019-04-26Never As It Seems
Poetry 2019-06-03Tragic Tune
Poetry 2019-06-21Pages
Poetry (Love)2019-06-23I Lost Myself, but I'm Searching To Be Found
Poetry (Love)2019-07-05Ugly Goodbyes
Poetry 2019-08-04No Longer Reserved For You
Poetry 2019-09-27Winter Everywhere
Poetry 2019-11-02Don't Turn Back Time (Letter to my Former-Self)
Poetry 2020-02-03Return To Sender
Poetry 2020-02-05Losing the Bottle Is Half The Battle
Poetry 2021-07-29What Home Looks Like Now
Poetry (Personal)2021-08-01No Resolve
Poetry 2021-08-01Depression, My Forever Song
Poetry 2021-08-04Let Me Let You Go Or You Should Drown
Poetry 2020-04-17For If My Name Isn't Rose
Poetry 2021-08-13When You're The Book, Not Just The Page
Poetry 2021-08-17At Fate's Hands
Poetry 2021-08-19The Silence Watches Me
Poetry 2021-12-26They Say Time Heals All, But They Didn't Know You
Poetry 2022-03-24The Skeptic
Poetry 2022-04-14Drive The End In Friendship
Poetry (Love)2022-04-27Breathe
Poetry 2022-05-04My Wish
Poetry 2022-04-02After Midnight
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