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When you have little to do but sit on your ass and read, your reading speed increases dramatically over time. Over 400 books in four years, which for me is amazing. Aiming for another 60 this year. I have enough new favorite authors to achieve it, I think.

Kevin J. Anderson
Piers Anthony
Jennifer L. Armentrout
Leigh Bardugo
Anne Bishop
Holly Black
Jim Butcher
Trudi Canavan
P. C. Cast
Orson Scott Card
Jacqueline Carey
Gail Carriger
Cassandra Clare
David Dalglish
Stephen R. Donaldson
Sara Douglass
Kate Elliott
Jennifer Fallon
Lynn Flewelling
Pamela Freeman
Lev Grossman
Kevin Hearne
N. K. Jemisin
Mercedes Lackey
Mark Lawrence
Scott Lynch
Jenn Lyons
Sarah J. Maas
Juliet Marillier
Anne/Todd McCaffrey
Brian McClellan
Naomi Novik
Christopher Paolini
Patrick Rothfuss
Anthony Ryan
Brandon Sanderson
Adrian Tchaikovsky
Brent Weeks
Tad Williams
Evan Winter
Roger Zelazny

SilentStalker's Works

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Poetry (Love)2012-05-11Embraced in Her Blaze
Poetry (Love)2011-02-20Bright Overalls
Poetry (Love)2010-08-06My Broken China Doll
Lyrics (Love)2010-08-10Lie to me
Poetry (Love)2009-08-18Words Fail Me
Lyrics (Love)2008-07-08Ever Mine (Revised)
Poetry (Love)2006-05-12Picking Up A Loaded Rifle
Poetry (Love)2006-05-11Trembling in the Arms of a Puddle
Poetry (Love)2006-05-07Just Another Reason to Crawl Under the Blanket and Cry
Poetry (Love)2006-05-03The Pillar
Poetry (Love)2006-04-30Singing to the Clouds on a Starless Night
Poetry (Love)2004-02-07My Daughter's Eyes
Lyrics (Love)2004-02-03Ever mine...
Poetry (Love)2003-12-30For A Friend(First Tear)
Poetry (Love)2003-11-06Hidden Love
Poetry (Love)2003-11-06Thank You
List (Love)2003-11-06What I Love About You
Poetry (Love)2003-11-06Y.S.A.
Poetry (Love)2003-11-06Angel
Poetry (Love)2003-10-08I Dreamed of You
Poetry (Love)2003-09-23Farewell
Poetry (Love)2003-09-24Missing You
Poetry (Depressed)1997-10-16Gone
Poetry (Depressed)2003-10-06Save Me from Myself
Poetry (Depressed)2003-09-14Falling away
Poetry (Depressed)2003-09-27Dangling from the Light Fixture
Poetry (Abuse)2012-11-12C
Poetry (Abuse)2003-09-23But No Help Came
Poetry (Abuse)2005-02-12She Hurt Herself
Poetry (Reflective)2006-05-28Sweet Voiced Lies (My Letter to God)
Lyrics (Reflective)2010-08-12And I Love You (Third Tear)
Poetry (Reflective)2009-12-12The Door (From the 2004 webarchive)
Rant (Personal)2006-05-15Strong, Really?
Graphic Art 2013-09-24(not playing) possum...
Graphic Art 2009-05-24Galveston -- A Lyrical Pictorial
Graphic Art 2006-05-31Hershey Park 2004 and 2006
Essay 2005-02-16Beginner's Guide to Writing Structured Poetry
Journal 2006-02-11A Guideline for the Mental IRR Soldier
Graphic Art 2005-09-07Repost: F*ck You Card Final Version (I think)
Graphic Art (repost)
Graphic Art 2004-04-26Before He Was a Stalker (repost)
Poetry (Fantasy)1998-04-19The Frog
Poetry (Fantasy)2000-06-03The Guard's Tale
Poetry (Fantasy)2003-11-06Legend of the Kredes
Lyrics (Comedy)2009-12-11Band Aid (Fuel Parody)
Poetry (Comedy)2003-09-26Kill the spider
Lyrics 2005-08-06I Just Wanna Muff Dive Baby
Poetry (Comedy)2005-04-07Random pieces of perversion
Poetry (Rage)2004-02-07Watching
Poetry (Rage)2003-09-14Stalker
Journal (Rage)2003-10-25Through the Crack Between the Seats
Poetry (Rage)2006-02-01Triolet #1: I Had An Axe
Poetry (Rage)2004-04-18Her Eulogy
Lyrics (Rage)2003-11-02Split You
Poetry (Rage)2003-10-06My Love(My Axe)
Poetry (Rage)2003-09-26Sharpening My Hatchet
Poetry (Rage)2003-09-21Kill You
Poetry (Rage)2003-09-21Madman
Poetry (Rage)2009-01-24Buried
Poetry (Rage)2012-09-14bleeding.betrayal (siren's sung her last) w/Rain In The Willows
Poetry (Rage)2010-12-20Villanelle -- The Price of Infidelity
Poetry (Rage)2007-12-16Heart on the Table
Poetry (Rage)2006-02-07Triolet #2: It Hurt to Say Goodbye
Poetry (Rage)2004-04-23Twelve Roses
Poetry (Rage)2003-11-04Digging
Poetry (Rage)2003-09-29This Ring
Poetry (Rage)2003-10-14The Lake
Poetry (Rage)2003-09-25To the Flame
Poetry (Rage)2003-09-14Lust for the Dead
Poetry (Rage)2003-09-15Escape the Pain (repost from DP archives)
Poetry (Horror)2006-09-14No End to Limericks
Poetry (Horror)2006-09-08Limericks: The Next Desecration
Poetry (Horror)2005-03-29Even More Sick Limericks
Poetry (Horror)2003-09-27Insane Limericks #2
Poetry (Horror)2003-09-27Insane Limericks...
Lyrics (Horror)2003-09-21Devil's Call
Poetry (Horror)2003-09-16Cycle of Death
Poetry (Horror)2003-10-15The Evil Master
Poetry (Horror)2000-06-22Evil Eyes
Poetry (Horror)2000-05-29Dark Knight
Poetry (Horror)2003-10-25The Ice Cream Man
Poetry (Horror)2003-10-01When Bunnies Attack
Short Story (Horror)2009-03-01The Second Attempt
Short Story (Horror)1998-01-07The First Attempt
Poetry (Horror)2003-10-25Ghost Train
Poetry (Horror)2003-10-10It Wakes
Poetry (Horror)2003-09-27Carnivorous
Poetry (Horror)2003-09-24The Vampire
Poetry (Horror)2003-09-15Nightmare
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