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Still here...just nowhere near as much anymore.

Someplace somewhere, Lebanon, PA

darun.ferguson (at) gmail (dot) com

If you want to keep track of my hobbies/side jobs:

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Poetry (Love)2013-01-17per.fection
Poetry (Love)2013-01-06The Dreamer
Poetry (Love) (with Astra Dei)
Poetry (Love)2012-09-22Crossroads
Poetry (Love)2012-09-16in.dreams
Poetry (Love)2012-12-21Preying for Solace...
Poetry (Love)2012-05-23Astraphilia (F*cking the Thunder)
Poetry (Love)2012-05-11Embraced in Her Blaze
Poetry (Love)2011-02-20Bright Overalls
Poetry (Love)2010-08-06My Broken China Doll
Lyrics (Love)2010-08-10Lie to me
Poetry (Love)2009-08-18Words Fail Me
Lyrics (Love)2008-07-08Ever Mine (Revised)
Poetry (Love)2006-05-12Picking Up A Loaded Rifle
Poetry (Love)2006-05-11Trembling in the Arms of a Puddle
Poetry (Love)2006-05-07Just Another Reason to Crawl Under the Blanket and Cry
Poetry (Love)2006-05-03The Pillar
Poetry (Love)2006-04-30Singing to the Clouds on a Starless Night
Poetry (Love)2004-02-07My Daughter's Eyes
Lyrics (Love)2004-02-03Ever mine...
Poetry (Love)2003-12-30For A Friend(First Tear)
Poetry (Love)2003-11-06Hidden Love
Poetry (Love)2003-11-06Thank You
List (Love)2003-11-06What I Love About You
Poetry (Love)2003-11-06Y.S.A.
Poetry (Love)2003-11-06Angel
Poetry (Love)2003-10-08I Dreamed of You
Poetry (Love)2003-09-23Farewell
Poetry (Love)2003-09-24Missing You
Poetry (Depressed)1997-10-16Gone
Poetry (Depressed)2003-10-06Save Me from Myself
Poetry (Depressed)2003-09-14Falling away
Poetry (Depressed)2003-09-27Dangling from the Light Fixture
Poetry (Abuse)2012-11-12C
Poetry (Abuse)2003-09-23But No Help Came
Poetry (Abuse)2005-02-12She Hurt Herself
Poetry (Reflective)2006-05-28Sweet Voiced Lies (My Letter to God)
Lyrics (Reflective)2010-08-12And I Love You (Third Tear)
Poetry (Reflective)2009-12-12The Door (From the 2004 webarchive)
Rant (Personal)2006-05-15Strong, Really?
Graphic Art 2013-09-24(not playing) possum...
Graphic Art 2009-05-24Galveston -- A Lyrical Pictorial
Graphic Art 2006-05-31Hershey Park 2004 and 2006
Essay 2005-02-16Beginner's Guide to Writing Structured Poetry
Journal 2006-02-11A Guideline for the Mental IRR Soldier
Graphic Art 2005-09-07Repost: F*ck You Card Final Version (I think)
Graphic Art (repost)
Graphic Art 2004-04-26Before He Was a Stalker (repost)
Poetry (Fantasy)1998-04-19The Frog
Poetry (Fantasy)2000-06-03The Guard's Tale
Poetry (Fantasy)2003-11-06Legend of the Kredes
Lyrics (Comedy)2009-12-11Band Aid (Fuel Parody)
Poetry (Comedy)2003-09-26Kill the spider
Lyrics 2005-08-06I Just Wanna Muff Dive Baby
Poetry (Comedy)2005-04-07Random pieces of perversion
Poetry (Rage)2004-02-07Watching
Poetry (Rage)2003-09-14Stalker
Journal (Rage)2003-10-25Through the Crack Between the Seats
Poetry (Rage)2006-02-01Triolet #1: I Had An Axe
Poetry (Rage)2004-04-18Her Eulogy
Lyrics (Rage)2003-11-02Split You
Poetry (Rage)2003-10-06My Love(My Axe)
Poetry (Rage)2003-09-26Sharpening My Hatchet
Poetry (Rage)2003-09-21Kill You
Poetry (Rage)2003-09-21Madman
Poetry (Rage)2009-01-24Buried
Poetry (Rage)2012-09-14bleeding.betrayal (siren's sung her last) w/Rain In The Willows
Poetry (Rage)2010-12-20Villanelle -- The Price of Infidelity
Poetry (Rage)2007-12-16Heart on the Table
Poetry (Rage)2006-02-07Triolet #2: It Hurt to Say Goodbye
Poetry (Rage)2004-04-23Twelve Roses
Poetry (Rage)2003-11-04Digging
Poetry (Rage)2003-09-29This Ring
Poetry (Rage)2003-10-14The Lake
Poetry (Rage)2003-09-25To the Flame
Poetry (Rage)2003-09-14Lust for the Dead
Poetry (Rage)2003-09-15Escape the Pain (repost from DP archives)
Poetry (Horror)2006-09-14No End to Limericks
Poetry (Horror)2006-09-08Limericks: The Next Desecration
Poetry (Horror)2005-03-29Even More Sick Limericks
Poetry (Horror)2003-09-27Insane Limericks #2
Poetry (Horror)2003-09-27Insane Limericks...
Lyrics (Horror)2003-09-21Devil's Call
Poetry (Horror)2003-09-16Cycle of Death
Poetry (Horror)2003-10-15The Evil Master
Poetry (Horror)2000-06-22Evil Eyes
Poetry (Horror)2000-05-29Dark Knight
Poetry (Horror)2003-10-25The Ice Cream Man
Poetry (Horror)2003-10-01When Bunnies Attack
Short Story (Horror)2009-03-01The Second Attempt
Short Story (Horror)1998-01-07The First Attempt
Poetry (Horror)2003-10-25Ghost Train
Poetry (Horror)2003-10-10It Wakes
Poetry (Horror)2003-09-27Carnivorous
Poetry (Horror)2003-09-24The Vampire
Poetry (Horror)2003-09-15Nightmare
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