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Sometimes I can feel the primal part of me, pulling me away

Hi I'm Lee. I'm here to make friends, and enjoy poetry I guess. lol
I live in the uk, and write alot of very dark poetry. I used to be on DP many years ago, yet due to problems back then I vanished.

I'm safe to say that those problems are now long gone, and so here I am back for more.

I have come to acknowledge that I am a loner, and accept this even though it sometimes hurts my soul.


Ps I like to thank SKYE for my awesome background, I'm still aiming to tweak it though.

silentninja's Works

Poetry 2013-09-02Suicidal Thoughts
Poetry (Depressed)2014-01-07No one can hear me scream
Poetry 2014-01-07I'm Falling Apart
Poetry 2014-03-25Silent Pain
Poetry 2014-03-26I stole these words
Poetry 2014-04-14Somewhere between Rats and Kings
Poetry 2015-02-12I travel by night
Poetry 2015-03-10The four horsemen
Poetry 2015-03-10Pretty little things
Poetry 2015-03-11All is dust
Poetry 2015-03-12Lost
Poetry (Depressed)2015-03-25My own personal Tragedy
Poetry 2015-03-29This could be Lust my muse
Poetry 2015-04-11Awake
Poetry 2015-04-19Drifting away
Poetry 2015-06-09My lies I regret
Poetry 0000-00-00scared to love
Poetry 2015-06-14Seeking Infinite Dark
Poetry 0000-00-00Chains in darkness
Poetry 0000-00-00You hurt me
Poetry 0000-00-00I can't write
Poetry 0000-00-00In dreams
Poetry 0000-00-00Broken
Poetry 0000-00-00Buttons
Poetry 0000-00-00That is the invisible me
Poetry 0000-00-00Remains in my box
Poetry 0000-00-00Untitled
Poetry 0000-00-00I walk with the purest black
Poetry (Depressed)2010-08-14The death of my son, my only son
Poetry 2013-07-26Dark Clouds
Poetry 2013-07-26Sleep
Poetry 2013-07-26Mr Flatulance
Poetry 2010-08-17Crawling spiders - Edited
Poetry 2010-08-23Echo's
Poetry (Comedy)2010-08-22The Fridge
Poetry 2010-09-08Mr rag doll
Poetry 2010-09-08You fade...
Poetry 2010-09-11I wish I never told you
Poetry 2010-09-27I miss you, the rain
Poetry 2010-09-28Porcelain eyes
Poetry 2010-10-05Two hundred and twenty one
Poetry 2010-10-16The Pungent smells of Fucking
Poetry 2010-10-21In the mist of the Apocalypse
Poetry (Depressed)2010-10-21Suicidal Reckoning
Poetry (Satire)2010-10-21O'cometh torture, O'cometh death
Poetry 2010-11-1120, 21, 22
Poetry 2010-11-13I F***ing hate you
Poetry 2010-12-04Black hole
Poetry 2010-12-04and so I'm evil
Poetry 2011-02-16To take a friend
Poetry 2011-03-04The Suffering
Poetry 2011-03-13My perfect revenge
Poetry 2011-03-16The affluence of emotional defense
Poetry 2011-03-18In another few hours
Poetry 2011-03-25When no-one is listening
Poetry 2011-03-26Empty
Poetry 2011-03-28The Soul Song of a Loser
Poetry 2011-04-17A Thud by Three
Poetry 2013-07-23Liars Cradle
Poetry 2013-07-23The Fallen
Poetry 2013-07-23Ugly
Poetry 2013-07-23Silence
Poetry (Reflective)2013-07-24Sir Dark Night
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