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Some of us have two hearts, which allows us to love two different people to the same degree; but, my hearts myself are countless.

Kirb: You are what I need.

@00:52:35JuneBug complained
Sometimes we have mudfights in our backyard...all you need is a hose and dirt...and we have that.
@00:51:44JuneBug said
Wow....I do that all the scandalous is that?

@17:35:52anth said
crystal passion is beautiful,i just looked, and my say is final cos im the heathenest of all

DEMONSLAVE: *hands you a little golden gem on a silver chain to wear around your neck* see in there.. it's got sunrays in there.. wear it near your heart and you will be happy *kisses the gem and gives it*

Is the love in the kiss? or the blood? - Violetflames

(Markus Porkwing) - "Smile... It confuses people."

Judgement: "dammit I wish someone would quote me!!!"

(Silent Stalker) - "I love you baby. Your rock my world. I will never for sake you... my dearest axe."

(Worm) - The one with the power to make me cry and giggle at the same time.

(Drea) - "Princesses gotta stick together."

(_Andrew_) - "Feelings for another never die, They only get buried deep within our hearts. Courage is to hold onto pain and advance always to hold on, not to abandon it, for how can one live life with nothing to hold onto?"

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