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My names Jon.

I discovered the truth a little while ago, which is that the only perception or opinion that matters is yours or those you care about. Also I've come to realize that you should never give up on your dreams, your passions and goals. Hold on to what makes you raw and vulnerable on the inside. If you get tired and push it aside, you start to become the lie and become a vegetative cog in the machine... apathetic and miserable.... so no matter what happens in life. hold on to your fire :)

I love books, movies, writing, the elements, poetry (of course) and love this site, it speaks to me...

Its better to reign in Hell than the serve in Heaven, -John Milton

P.S. feel free to DP mail me anytime you want. Ill try to help with anything I can or at least listen. Plus I hear that I'm a decent conversationalist if im not half asleep or in the middle of something else haha

Morgoth's Works

Poetry (Personal)2010-05-06Swirling
Poetry (Depressed)2010-05-11Razor Red Ribbons
Poetry 2010-05-12The Call Of The Wind
Poetry (Tribute)2010-05-13The Howl of a Brother
Poetry (Love)2010-05-14Invisible
Poetry (Love)2010-05-14Is this?
Poetry (Personal)2010-05-20No Matter What I Do
Poetry 2010-05-27What Will Happen?
Poetry 2010-06-25Flash
Poetry (Personal)2011-01-18Good to be home
Poetry (Love)2011-01-19Why do I bother?
Poetry (Personal)2012-03-02Brothers in pain
Poetry (Fantasy)2012-07-31Gaia's Home
Poetry (Personal)2013-12-23The shores of Styx
Poetry 2014-01-30You Never Knew
Graphic Art 2014-01-30Ode to beards
Poetry 2014-02-01Night and her secrets.
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