If I say that I am God,
it is not because of pride,
it is modesty, to honor the world...

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Poetry (Love)2024-05-16SNARED
Poetry 2024-05-09id est quod id est
Graphic Art 2024-04-14Renewal
Poetry 2024-03-28eggs in the basket
Graphic Art (Comedy)2024-03-08ephemera
Journal 2024-03-03echoes
Poetry 2024-02-26spawn, devour, expire,
Poetry (Tribute)2024-02-21Occult
Poetry 2024-02-12Murmurs of the forgotten
Poetry 2024-01-23Lines of the desentendidos
Poetry 2024-01-11Veiled
Poetry 2023-12-25Cast outs
Poetry 2023-09-19Shush
Poetry (Personal)2023-09-02September 2 (IV)
Poetry 2023-07-27Mending
Poetry 2023-07-22Chaos
Poetry (Love)2023-07-18Order
Poetry 2023-07-15Despair
Poetry 2023-07-08Fractured
Poetry (Reflective)2023-06-02Discarded
Poetry (Personal)2023-05-01Trapped
Poetry (Ironic)2023-04-03Resplandor
Poetry (Personal)2023-03-27Cuckoo's plea
Poetry 2023-03-10The plunge
Poetry (Political)2023-02-20Prejudice
Poetry 2023-02-06The Price of Survival
Poetry 2023-01-22The Abyss Within
Poetry 2023-01-12Whispers in the Pine
Poetry (Love)2023-01-11The Long Road
Poetry (Love)2022-10-24October's note
Poetry 2022-09-25M
Poetry (Personal)2022-09-02September 2 (III)
Other 2022-08-16Dear...
Poetry (Comedy)2022-08-04Tango de Agosto
Poetry (Depressed)2022-07-30Away
Poetry (Depressed)2022-05-10Adieu
Poetry (Personal)2021-09-02September 2 (II)
Poetry (Depressed)2020-09-02September 2
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