September 2 (II)


One point, one milestone,
a year of goodness, and also delusions.
A new mark that I leave,
on the conscience of the world,
more and more piling up.
One point, one milestone,
no foolishness and all patience.
The words and the lost steps,
the health, strength and union,
of my good, and bad, times.

One point, one milestone,
I am now the sage,
of the secrets that light up the world,
master of all the truths that redound. 

Summary of all my goals,
and my daydreams,
soliloquy on the awakening,
and then, the dialectic of the kiss.
One point, one milestone,
a benchmark of the century that I respect,
while I fully live my sighs.
I decide to be happy,
and bask in my successes,
living off the achievements,
that I attract in magnetism.
One point, one milestone,
and the pleasure of being who I am,
wise and victorious,
perfect companion my own rites.

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Published on Thursday, September 2, 2021.     Filed under: "Personal" and "Poetry"

Author's Note:

Happy Birthday to me, yet again
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