I'm lost in a sea of doubt and fear,
stuck in this bed,
feeling numb and unclear,
the weight of the world is on my chest,
and I can't seem to find any rest.

In the corner of my room,
a beam of light,
flickers and dances, shining so bright,
I ask it time and time again to take me in,
and free me from this endless spin.

The dusty books rest by the window sill,
words on pages that seem to stand still,
since the last time, I sought the beam of light,
hoping it'll come and make everything right.

If there's something you wish to say,
speak it loud, and let it all out today,
I need a sign to guide me through this haze,
out of this darkness, that's been my maze.

So take me in and show me the way,
take me in and lead me to a brighter day,
be my light, in this endless fight,
and I promise to never lose sight.

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Published on Tuesday, February 13, 2024.     Filed under: "Ironic" and "Poetry"
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