The Long Road


Life can be harsh, and love can be cruel,
leaving our hearts, feeling like a broken jewel,
but with each passing day, the pain begins to fade,
and the light of hope, slowly starts to invade.

We meet someone new, with a warm and gentle smile,
their kindness, like a soothing balm, all the while,
at first, we may be hesitant, our guard up high,
but slowly, we let down our defenses, and give love a try.

Each step forward, is a victory in itself,
a chance for love, an opportunity to heal and delve,
we take our time, and let it grow,
trusting in love, to see its beauty, and let it show.

Though doubts may linger, and fears may arise,
we open our hearts, to the surprise,
leaving the past behind, where it belongs,
embracing the future, where true love belongs.

We learn to trust again, with each passing day,
we learn to love again, in our own unique way,
for healing takes time, but love is worth the wait,
with an open heart, love's path, we'll navigate.

We learn that love is not just about the butterflies and the rush,
it's about being there for each other, in the good times and the hush,
it's about supporting each other, through the storms and the calm,
it's about being each other's safe haven, it's about being each other's balm.

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Published on Wednesday, January 11, 2023.     Filed under: "Love" and "Poetry"
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