September 2 (IV)


in the decade's tender embrace, i stand,
where loneliness and condemnation once held command,
the sea's truth whispers without pretense,
under the sun's warmth, in waiting's suspense.

marking milestones on the world's grand stage,
with patience and wisdom, i've turned a new page,
balancing the good and delusions of yore,
weaving health, strength, and lessons galore.

the melodies of forgotten verses arise,
dancing between rebelliousness and the skies,
thirty-four years' wisdom dawns on me,
as i rediscover life's sweet arpeggio, free.

past failures rhyme with songs unsung,
yet, i stand tall, a journey well-spun,
resonating with the echoes of history,
a symphony of milestones, my legacy.

through salt of memories and kisses' touch,
i've journeyed far, i've grown so much,
from solitude's depths to triumph's high,
this tapestry of time, my heart shall tie.

in melodies rekindled, i find my way,
a compass of happiness guiding my day,
embracing each moment, the present's grace,
as decades and milestones intertwine in embrace.

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Published on Wednesday, September 6, 2023.     Filed under: "Personal" and "Poetry"
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