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I've always considered myself the darkness
to someone's light. I'm comfortable with my
place. Without darkness light can't shine....
I've always been afraid, but these last few years of my life I have changed dramatically and I'm not longer a scared child but a force to be reckoned with. Welcome to JensGoneMad
You can also find me on YouTube at jensgonemad jde. Check me out guys. I also am looking for more poets to feature on my playlists Other Poets Speak!

JensGoneMad's Works

Poetry (Ironic)2020-07-11The Trickster
Poetry (Personal)2020-07-24Born to Suffer, She Died To Live
Poetry (Personal)2020-07-26And On The Seventh Day
Poetry (Abuse)2020-07-29Hostage
Poetry (Personal)2020-08-10No Love
Poetry 2020-08-15Antonyms For Love Song
Poetry 2020-09-16It's In The Details
Poetry 2020-09-30Vulpine
Poetry 2020-09-30Paying for Justice
Poetry (Personal)2021-01-06They Darkened The Windows
Poetry 2021-01-07ColorBlind
Poetry 2021-01-15Bee Sting Sorrow
Poetry 2021-09-11I Promise
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