It's In The Details

By JensGoneMad

"I pay close attention to the details
Her hair, lying across her pale skin
Her eyes gently closed by my fingertips
Her mouth slightly opened for character
Usually a daffodil in her right ear.
Something about that flower reminds me,
Takes me back to my childhood.
Mom cooking dumplings
Dad coming in from work.
He would bring her flowers,
Usually daffodils."

"This one would sleep here with me tonight
Tucked up under my comforter.
I want to comfort her,
Like Momma did me. "

"Dad was a good man,
Taught the scripture at the lil' Baptist church.
Mom always sat in the front pew, smiling.
She sure liked hearing dad preach."

"Sometimes she would get upset with him,
He never really gave her much affection,
Or attention,
So I was to never mention,
When Momma tucked me in"

"Ill need a lil' rogue for her cheeks,
Red lipstick for the lips,
Momma's favorite color was red, you know.
Better tuck her in tight she is freezing.
But she sure is pretty, just like Momma."

"Daddy had come home from bible study
Found mom in my room.
He shot in her in the head
With a shotgun
Blowing off the right said of her face.
Where she always wore that flower."

"He went to prison,
I moved in with my momma's sister.
Should've never tried to kiss her.
We will all miss her.
Miss them both."

"Stop dropping your jaw like Virginia
It makes you look frumpy.
Not momma, not any of the others would approve of of such a look."

"Now sweet dreams"

Looking around his he blew kisses to all
5 of his dolls.
Some where beginning to decompose.
But they were always more.
There would always be another pretty lady with a flower in her ear.

Jennifer Denise English

Unauthorized Copying Is Prohibited. Ask the author first.
Copyright 2020 JensGoneMad
Published on Wednesday, September 16, 2020.     Filed under: "Poetry"

Author's Note:

Prompt poem written for contest. Had to place myself in the mind of a serial killer. Easy enough. Jk jk
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