Memory Was Never Enough

By FellowFutureFossil

Broken, malformed, and aghast
Imbibed drear wine from shallow flasks
Impious, these nights so coldly pass

Forsook an ageless tale's veneer
Mistook a wage embraced as dear
For that which I so boldly learned could never


Now I pace alone in purgatory
This life, a blight, attests a bore
Where no furnace-realm nor god-high glory
Can jest from whence I sunk before

I drift this prison
In duskly lineaments
With a heart that I wronged for faith
So now to crawl
From these unwound draws
Of what mine hands could scrawl as "Fate".

Lost in love's integral midst
A gear that grates in hopeless twists
This fear of mine was promised once to wane
As your world turns on sterile slates
From stasis pulled to endless wait
Till Death's relent can cull me from this plane

As now, they bow; autumnal trees
Adhere to howls of maudlin song
These terrors still arrive and flee
As Kingdom came in feral maul

My heart is dead
Undone, my threads
I would stride through Hell to feel again

And still I see
Our virgin season's erotic spree
So now for her to merely flee

"I would slaughter all and everything,
If you would simply love me...."

Gone, the dawn retreats through skeletal oaks
That choke at my rope's end a liminal throat
Whose gasping notes doth taketh wing
On breathless feather to much deader things.

Palettes obscene, its canvas mauled
Beneath a weakened flourish
That obsession hath flawed
A grand phantasmagoria
Of what a wretch cannot feel
Blackened to nigh-madness
That no rapture can still
As eyes for this life wend to endless nightfall

This is my kind of Hell
A well I call home
Deeper than the coldest blade
Or where coffins daren't go
Sprawling its enthrallment
'Neath a wormwood seer
This flesh I resent
Yet its death I revere
So through the might of desire
I shall relinquish all control...

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Copyright 2015 FellowFutureFossil
Published on Thursday, October 8, 2015.     Filed under: "Poetry"

Author's Note:

A poem I wrote last year after a long relationship ended. Point and laugh, everyone!


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Comments on "Memory Was Never Enough"

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  • 10 Forty Three On Wednesday, April 17, 2019, 10 Forty Three (720)By person wrote:

    This poem hit me hard! There were so many cleverly written lines and I could see a cycle of toxic obsession. Excellent entry. Thank you! - 10

  • FellowFutureFossil On Tuesday, April 23, 2019, FellowFutureFossil (24)By person wrote:

    Thank you for taking the time to read it! You rule

  • SummonerOfShadows666 On Monday, November 9, 2015, SummonerOfShadows666 (28)By person wrote:

    The title appeals a lot to me, I can relate to most of the lines, especially the "I would slaughter all and everything, if you simply love me." That's class stuff. -lonerkid

  • FellowFutureFossil On Monday, November 9, 2015, FellowFutureFossil (24)By person wrote:

    Thanks for taking the time to check it out brother. Means a lot that it struck a chord with someone. Its inspiring to continue :)

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