Comments by Jonas Robinson

  • "I can't always tell if it's love or lust either. I know that we artists do fall in love more often. Sometimes, though it's an illusion. And sometimes, I feel so shallow for the misconception. I like that you expressed these very thoughts and emotions within your writing. :)"
    Posted by Jonas Robinson on "Love or Lust? For A Succubus" by TyrantAvDetForbannet
  • "I know exactly what you're talking about. I often push people away and feel suicidal. It seems that no one understands sometimes. I liked this because it was clear and simple. Thank you for sharing. :)"
    Posted by Jonas Robinson on "Suicidal Thoughts" by totallyalone
  • "Romantic with a sweet sound. I liked this because it was simple yet very expressive and to the point. :)"
    Posted by Jonas Robinson on "Alabastor Box" by Tagen
  • "Wow, that's hard. It's good to feel some relief with words. I like this because of the word flow and a particular feel of vocabulary which you brought to this one. :)"
    Posted by Jonas Robinson on "Gnarled" by Roxxi
  • "No wonder they call you rhymebound. This had perfect rhymes in it, barely forcing. I liked this because of the imagery, especially the images of the sea."
    Posted by Jonas Robinson on "The Siren's Lament" by RhymeBound
  • "This tickled my emotions in a soft secure way. I enjoyed this because I often feel that way myself. :)"
    Posted by Jonas Robinson on "Hurting" by RetalicD
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