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Well what can i say, I'm a twenty nine year old male, stand at 6 foot five inches and weigh in at 320 pounds all muscle by the way. And most least important i am Rebel tiGer Kings brother :). You might know him. I think he's made a home here. Well i first started writting poetry right after i heard Bob Dylan's $th time around when i was fourteen. Me and the tiGer guy started a Band and together wrote the lyrics to all of our songs. Mostly death metal so its not like you could understand what the tiGer was singin anyway. Well he told me to check this place out and sure enough i found a new haven. I mostly read his stuff and the people on his fave's list but i find inspiration with many other poets works. I hope to make this my home and grow in my many years here. I'm bouncing around from place to place due to my travels with my new band but i find time always to read, write and experince the art of poetry here.


Rebell tiGer king- Rebel king(tiGer)
Skarlet Rebell Queen- Rebel Queen(mistress)
Zhaal Nyet Telka- Rebel Angel
Azul Dreamer- Rebel Princess
Rhys ki- Sunset rebellion
Rebel_not_Radical- Rebel_not_Radical
Narcissa- Blooming Rebel
Sketso- InnEr REBELlion
TimeBomb- RebEl AntaGonistiCa
BlacK_diamond_Bay - Dawn 0f rebellI0n
StarBright- Pending

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Poetry 2008-05-25The ocean night and you
Poetry 2008-05-28Man in the long black Cloak
Poetry (Ironic)2008-06-02Tom the mail man, nailed the slut
Rant (Personal)2008-06-15Dark Poetry, Thank You
Poetry (Love)2008-06-15Emily Dickinson and the 21st Century
Poetry (Love)2008-06-21A muse of sorts
Poetry (Philosophical)2008-07-01Youth and art and love
Poetry (Reflective)2008-07-08The death of a poet might be worth a penny
Poetry (Ironic)2008-07-10Something about sex with a stranger, rigth babe?
Poetry (Philosophical)2008-07-11Musical persuasion after chemically enduced epiphany
Poetry (Reflective)2008-07-13I love the 80's
Poetry (Reflective)2008-07-16poetry in 1889
Poetry (Reflective)2008-07-17Humanity Hypocrasy
Poetry 2008-08-04Silent tiger masquarade
Poetry 2008-08-20I died for you too
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