wake up, dreamer.

By Six-Out

wake up, dreamer

when poetry stops heartbeats.
it's almost as if the pen
is mightier than god.

and I'm left- slightly broken. it's hopeless
to count stars. because they'll be dead
before you finish. and it becomes
futile. // savage.seductions.
while ripping wings on corner store lighters.

help me.

because life in dreaming.
is like knives to the temple. where pens
can't mend the lyrical loops.
and metaphors die worse deaths
than the sky.born- sentience we believe.
and belief can only burn out. in the ending.

so I'm softly saying- wake up, dreamer
the world needs a gift. we're tossing pennies in wells
and wishing on black holes.

so taste the ink.
while we bleed star.screaming
heartaches. and we



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© 2007 Jon Rodgers
Published on Monday, October 29, 2007.     Filed under: "Poetry"
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Comments on "wake up, dreamer."

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  • Phalanx On Tuesday, August 11, 2020, Phalanx (744)By person wrote:

    The challenge of life, is to rise. Those who attempt to talk you out of such are either mad or trying to tear it all apart. We do need stars that shine. Those that truly, shine do it their own way.

  • Dianas_Eclipse On Friday, March 1, 2013, Dianas_Eclipse (5)By person wrote:

    These words are now seared onto my soul. Beautiful.

  • TheProphetUntold On Thursday, August 18, 2011, TheProphetUntold (164)By person wrote:

    Reverence. Visit Ohio in fall. +tpu+

  • A former member wrote: this is such a killer poem.... so much of this seems to whisper in my ear... like a cautionary warning: watch that first step at the emergency exit on a plummeting airplane. There are no 'chutes for this trip.... awesome mingling of the ideal and the real... colloquial and calm yet seething underneath. well penned, man.

  • Savannah On Saturday, June 13, 2009, Savannah (218)By person wrote:

    You never cease to amaze me with your mind-blowing creativity. Ah, how I long for such talent...

  • sanglante On Thursday, February 12, 2009, sanglante (17)By person wrote:

    now begins my addiction.

  • slow.burn.star On Thursday, November 15, 2007, slow.burn.star (84)By person wrote:


  • Dommi On Friday, November 2, 2007, Dommi (96)By person wrote:

    and this is why you own my soul

  • A former member wrote: I thought[cracking]reading on[cracking down]reading on[never falling apart] "ripping wings on corner store lighters." This is an amzing piece of poetry. Nicly written. ][ ][

  • Distorted_Reality On Thursday, November 1, 2007, Distorted_Reality (102)By person wrote:

    this is pure brilliance, just the way you describe and word it It's just amazing =0

  • swing_the_hammer On Tuesday, October 30, 2007, swing_the_hammer (49)By person wrote:

    keep dreaming! and thank you, dear. :D L

  • Mylissa On Monday, October 29, 2007, Mylissa (845)By person wrote:

    When poetry stops heart-beats...blessed dreams that linger from the stroke of a pen. A lovers parade of words. I love this.

  • A former member wrote: now here is a poem that makes dead hearts beat again. A realism that surpasses that of the Cartesian coordinate system and sends shivers throughout Zoroastrianism... as if stars were dying, as if language were indicative of something more than the convictions of an anthropomorphic experience... you've captured the essence of reality here and championed the concept, the language, the symbolic over the referent. Cheers! Such heart-felt emotion entwined artistically with intellectual acumen deserves a double shot of Patron!

  • Reefer_rave On Monday, October 29, 2007, Reefer_rave (146)By person wrote:

    I can never think of the things i truly want to say that would do justice to wonderful works.. this is no exception.

  • Alanarchy On Monday, October 29, 2007, Alanarchy (1225)By person wrote:

    I've been away for a couple of weeks now, and there could be no better welcome back than this. The first half was thoroughly perfect. Yes, your pen is Jesus.

  • lord_beanus_christ On Monday, October 29, 2007, lord_beanus_christ (8)By person wrote:

    i love this...absolutely stunning.

  • Mahakala On Monday, October 29, 2007, Mahakala (209)By person wrote:


  • carlosjackal On Monday, October 29, 2007, carlosjackal (2527)By person wrote:

    Lilting beauty and intelligence resonating at once is this brilliant piece. And these two lines were the killer stabs.."the world needs a gift. we're tossing pennies in wells and wishing on black holes." :D -Carl

  • Mari On Monday, October 29, 2007, Mari (426)By person wrote:


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