Comments by TheProphetUntold

  • "This is rich with allusion. The last two lines of the first stanza and the opening lines of the second stanza really pulled me in, they feel the most complete. +tpu+"
    Posted by TheProphetUntold on "Blood Wolf Moon" by Damien
  • "Adam of Bremen's account of a blót celebrated at Uppsala. "Every ninth year there is a blót of nine days, a common feast for everyone in Sweden. Then they sacrifice nine males of each species, even men, and the bodies are hung from the branches of a grove near the temple. No one is exempt from this blót and everyone sends gifts to the shrine, even the kings. Those who are Christian have to pay a fee not to take part in the blót.""
    Posted by TheProphetUntold on "Through the Hyrst of Midwinter Ghosts." by TheProphetUntold
  • "This piece took me a bit by surprise, not that I wasn't expecting it to be something good or even spectacular, but that the lens and perspective seems to speak into something deeper than I expected. The greatest poems, in my opinion, are not just therapeutic to the poet but also traumatic. A becoming and destruction. I think the 4th stanza is probably one of my favorite stanzas I have ever read here. Tops! Really very good. +tpu+"
    Posted by TheProphetUntold on "xii; a rain dance" by Feral
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