Comments by Alanarchy

  • ""The very last of colorful arrangements made of watering oranges and bleeding reds, Falling from all trees never to be seen to fall again." You do not write, so much as paint with thoughts. This is why I come here. Thanks again for sharing."
    Posted by Alanarchy on "Tasseled Dreams " by foxystonefox
  • "I do like those suspenseful, repetitious lines, ie... Chime and chime... Silence and silence. Sinister. And very dark. You'll fit right in. Welcome. And write on."
    Posted by Alanarchy on "Pause" by LIFEINVADER
  • "Apt ponderings. I kicked over my Bust of Palus a long time ago. There's a lot to caw at these days. Write on."
    Posted by Alanarchy on "Oh Raven" by DeificLightning
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