Disassembly Boy

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30-Something years old.
Somewhere in Hell, Arizona..

Digitally Blasphemous.
Heart Thief.

I can change.
I can cut it open-
Just look at me the way you did before.
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Disassembly Boy/DisassemblyEdits/Kevin N.
You may not crop, redistribute or use my work
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Disassembly Boy's Works

Poetry 2007-02-11Cockroach
Poetry 2007-02-11Hemorrhage (not a cutting poem)
Poetry 2007-02-11Schizo
Poetry 2007-02-12Want (this is love)
Poetry 2007-02-13Cunt
Poetry 2007-02-16Stain
Poetry 2007-03-09Regret (There's No Second Chances..)
Poetry 2007-04-02My Infection
Poetry 2007-05-01Tension
Poetry 2007-06-14Nothing
Poetry 2007-06-21Strangle
Poetry 2007-07-26Burnt Halos
Poetry 2007-08-15Violet
Poetry 2008-05-06Untitled
Poetry 2008-06-19Sick Mary
Poetry 2008-10-29Pinnochio (When You're Real)
Poetry 2008-11-01Surgical Butterflies II
Poetry 2009-06-24Queen of Hearts
Poetry 2009-12-03Atrophied
Poetry 2010-08-09Venom
Poetry 2013-10-24Confessional
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