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To the one who thinks he can just log on here and erase what he pleases:

[Then I'll add something...

I missed you.
And you know how I feel about you.

You want to see to me being happy?
Well, that's easy...]

You want a real and honest confession? I did lie to you. Why? Because I wanted you to live and not dwell on me. There is no engagement. Never was actually. I took that advice from a friend and that friend knows who they are. This person said it would be better for you. So I did it. With no intention of actually hurting you but to more or less prove a point. I failed. But for the record, I was trying to make things better for you. Only you were ending things too. You had already found someone.
I'm not sad or worried.
But I want to you be happy....
and so I will see to it.
Sorry for the confusion.
Sorry for looking out for your "best intrest".........
I still care for you...
and I have for a while now.

If you are intrested in talking locate me on AIM
as Soulseeker1273..
Please do not bother to type any bullshit about my work or your ideas about me if you do not bother to read.. and actually have some concept of what it is I stand for.

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