Lost, Found and Untitled

By lupus tenebrae

Untitled Poem I 

The rafters creak like
old bones remembering what
little youth they have

left, lamenting their lost days,
musings taken by the wind.


Untitled Poem II

Your touch went from a
weather worn pebble 
to a fleck of coarse velcroe

coming off as a prickly
pear with an axe to grind,
but I was content to clasp

your hands for a moment
longer, then simply nurse
my old wounds in due time

after I'd already forgotten
every syllable of your name.


Untitled Poem III

Sparrows haven't the
time for mourning doves and their
lachrymose piping.


Untitled Tercet I

I'm the unwitting moth and 
you're the distant bonfire

coercing me to crash and burn.


Untitled Tercet II

By this verse of poetry,
I will the line of men to march
straight unto the noose's thread.


Untitled Quatrain

Give me a lover, a face to confide in,
give me a home with a rust-coloured siding,
give me a purpose yet hidden in view
then give me a sign that there's much left to do.


Untitled Musing I

Up until now, I'd never truly
looked at my hospital brace:
it's like a serpent consuming
its own tail, resembling the kind
of logic I'd always despised.


Untitled Musing II

Perhaps the most glamorous part
of any apocalypse, is that
one's life from before means nothing;

it's a clean slate, a fresh face,
whatever turn of phrase happens
to strike your fancy:

your status becomes invalid,
and your education becomes the
valuable commodity it was meant to be.


Untitled Stanza

White-washing the bitter sun
with a polymorphic resin,

a snare that travels like a
set of veins, then culminates
as a barbed wire bear-trap
worn like a bandolier 

by a proud soldier...

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Copyright 2014 lupus tenebrae
Published on Wednesday, December 3, 2014.     Filed under: "Poetry"

Author's Note:

I felt like giving the spotlight to a few of the untitled, unfinished and otherwise, lost pieces I've found in my journal. In all honesty, some of them should have stayed buried, I even had to edit the last two just to make them palatable...regardless.
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  • georgelstein On Saturday, December 13, 2014, georgelstein (73)By person wrote:

    what a tapestry they make as presented. maybe a banquet is a better metaphor, but I am always on a diet...

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