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Poetry (Horror)2010-01-25The Melding
Poetry (Depressed)2010-01-26Overture Of A Madman
Poetry (Tribute)2010-01-26Never A Dream Come True
Poetry (Depressed)2010-01-26I Am Withdrawn
Poetry (Philosophical)2010-01-27A Slice Of Malcholm Dark
Poetry (Love)2010-01-27Traci
Poetry (Philosophical)2010-01-28Dreamer Of Time
Poetry (Philosophical)2010-01-28The Passing
Poetry (Philosophical)2010-01-30Things I Have Seen
Poetry (Horror)2010-02-01Darkness, Reign Over Me
Poetry (Reflective)2010-02-03A Requiem For An Outlaw
Poetry (Philosophical)2010-02-03The Used To Be Man
Poetry (Philosophical)2010-02-03The Soul Of Impending Doom
Poetry (Depressed)2010-02-05Putrid, Black Cocoon pt. 1
Poetry (Horror)2010-02-05Putrid, Black Cocoon pt. 2
Poetry (Tribute)2010-02-08I Swear To God... An ode to all poems of insanity
Poetry (Spiritual)2010-02-09Worms And The Earth
Poetry (Abuse)2010-02-10I Am, We
Poetry (Abuse)2010-02-11Things That Go Bump In The Night
Poetry (Love)2010-02-11Sometimes
Poetry (Reflective)2010-02-11Reign Of Rain
Poetry (Philosophical)2010-02-14I Am, charade
Poetry (Tribute)2010-02-15An Ode To A Man
Poetry (Horror)2010-02-17The Wolfman Runs Tonight
Poetry (Satire)2010-02-18The Mad Hatters' Society
Poetry (Depressed)2010-02-18My Annalee
Poetry (Philosophical)2010-02-19Flowers And Whores
Poetry (Philosophical)2010-02-20Edge Of Forever
Poetry (Tribute)2010-02-21Slipping Away--Remembering 911
Poetry (Spiritual)2010-02-22Lost And Found
Poetry (Tribute)2010-02-24An Anology Of War Pt.1 Remembering Vietnam
Poetry (Tribute)2010-02-24An Analogy Of War Pt.2 Remembering Vietnam
Poetry (Tribute)2010-02-25An Analogy Of War Pt.3 Remembering Vietnam
Poetry (Tribute)2010-02-25Our City Of Light... An Ode To Jim Morrison
Poetry (Philosophical)2010-02-26Tears In The Dark
Poetry (Spiritual)2010-02-27I Am Thought
Poetry (Political)2010-02-28What A Waste--Tainted Youth
Poetry (Philosophical)2010-03-02By Way Of The Poet
Poetry 2010-03-03Flesh And Gold
Poetry (Abuse)2010-03-04What Survives
Poetry (Philosophical)2010-03-06The Forgotten
Poetry (Tribute)2010-03-07Death Comes Collecting Today...Remembering Fort Hood
Poetry (Philosophical)2010-03-08Love Within War, The great Paradox
Poetry (Abuse)2010-03-09Angel In White
Poetry (Abuse)2010-03-09Creature Of Habit
Poetry (Abuse)2010-03-09The Main-liner
Poetry (Horror)2010-03-11Remembering My Desert Rose
Poetry (Philosophical)2010-03-13Wish I Was 'round
Poetry (Horror)2010-03-13The Midnight Walker
Poetry (Reflective)2010-03-14The Ilumination
Poetry (Ironic)2010-03-15Micro-processed Man
Poetry (Fiction)2010-03-16I, Robot
Poetry (Tribute)2010-03-17I Have Become Death, Destroyer Of Worlds
Poetry (Love)2010-03-19The Love--Hate Song
Poetry (Horror)2010-03-20Gone Dog Wild
Poetry (Reflective)2010-03-21Fantasy At Fourteen
Poetry (Satire)2010-03-22Pee Wee Got Caught
Poetry (Horror)2010-03-24I Am The Night
Poetry (Horror)2010-03-26Land Of Ra
Poetry (Horror)2010-03-28The Walk Of The Living Dead
Poetry (Depressed)2010-03-28The Parting Of Ways
Poetry (Tribute)2010-03-29He Died A Hero
Poetry (Horror)2010-03-30Jack Is His Name Pt. 1
Poetry (Horror)2010-03-31Jack Is His Name Pt. 2
Poetry (Horror)2010-03-31Jack Is His Name Pt. 3
Poetry (Comedy)2010-03-31The Ballad Of Blubbering Mound
Poetry (Comedy)2010-04-02I Call Him Dog
Poetry (Satire)2010-04-03Bye-bye Baby, So Long
Poetry (Satire)2010-04-06Dump On You
Poetry (Horror)2010-04-07Mistress Of The Night
Poetry (Personal)2010-04-08Look Away, Dixie Land
Poetry (Personal)2010-04-09Nickle Plated Resolve
Poetry (Horror)2010-04-10I Am Monster
Poetry (Tribute)2010-04-11That's That
Poetry (Satire)2010-04-13Addiction Absolute
Poetry (Love)2010-04-14My American Dream
Poetry (Reflective)2010-04-15Deviation From The Mean
Poetry (Tribute)2010-04-17The Red, White And Blue
Poetry (Tribute)2010-04-19Gunslinger's Walk
Poetry (Satire)2010-04-20Vigilante Suite
Poetry (Abuse)2010-04-21Death Becomes Us
Poetry (Non-Fiction)2010-04-22The OK Corral
Poetry (Satire)2010-04-22Vigilante Suite II
Poetry (Depressed)2010-04-23She Cried Last Night
Poetry (Philosophical)2010-04-26What Comes Around
Poetry (Horror)2010-04-28The Art Show
Poetry (Tribute)2010-05-03The Ballad Of Jack Ruby
Poetry (Satire)2010-05-05A Beautiful Woman
Poetry (Philosophical)2010-05-08State Of Disgrace
Poetry (Tribute)2010-05-09An Ode To Kinki's Drunk And Morning
Poetry (Satire)2010-05-10Thoughts Of A Madman
Poetry (Tribute)2010-05-12The United States Marines
Poetry (Fiction)2010-05-13The Midnight Man an introduction
Poetry (Fiction)2010-05-13The Midnight Man
Poetry (Satire)2010-05-14I Am Dazed And Confused
Poetry (Reflective)2010-05-18Our Comforting Lies
Poetry (Non-Fiction)2010-05-20Ahab And Jezebel
Poetry (Love)2010-05-24Lost In Time
Poetry (Love)2010-05-31Lost
Poetry (Fiction)2010-06-02Call Me John Doe
Poetry (Spiritual)2010-06-08A Tale Of Two Friends
Poetry (Ironic)2010-07-13Thoughts Of A Madman Pt. 2
Poetry (Satire)2010-07-16Philosophy At Fourteen
Poetry (Abuse)2010-07-24Depraved And Unclean
Poetry (Comedy)2010-07-27Gal-Boy
Poetry (Ironic)2010-08-10Got My Rage ...On
Poetry (Love)2010-08-15This Must Be Love
Poetry (Philosophical)2010-08-18Life On The Edge
Poetry (Horror)2010-08-28Zombie Anthem
Poetry (Beat)2010-09-03Ride With Me, California Style
Poetry (Horror)2010-09-09Origins Of The Axeman
Poetry (Satire)2010-10-07Won't You Dine With Me
Poetry (Satire)2010-10-08Beast From The Alimentary Canal
Poetry (Love)2010-10-12For Thongsouk
Poetry (Abuse)2010-10-15Just Stupid
Poetry (Horror)2010-10-22I Have Marked You
Poetry (Tribute)2010-10-29I Am Slave
Poetry (Satire)2010-11-04Nicotine Slave
Poetry (Tribute)2010-11-09Circus Freak
Poetry (Horror)2010-11-12Santa's Slay Bells
Poetry (Comedy)2010-11-16So Much For Kung Fu
Poetry (Tribute)2010-11-21One-eyed Jack
Poetry (Ironic)2010-11-27Life Along The Bible Belt
Poetry (Tribute)2010-11-27An Exorcist
Poetry (Reflective)2010-11-28Tick-tock Clock
Poetry (Satire)2010-12-04Why Clowns Hate Mimes
Poetry (Philosophical)2010-12-07Relative Time
Poetry (Satire)2010-12-08Tweet-Tweet
Poetry (Personal)2010-12-09Trouble In Gotham
Poetry (Abuse)2010-12-14ABCs And Heroin For Christmas
Poetry (Depressed)2010-12-23Edge Of Obscurity
Poetry (Personal)2010-12-26Who Is A Racist
Poetry (Structured)2010-12-28The Ageless Ones
Poetry (Satire)2010-12-30Wiener Rap
Poetry (Depressed)2011-01-03My Ugly Green Head
Poetry (Political)2011-01-13I Want My Words Back
Poetry (Comedy)2011-01-14The Merry King Of The Bush... An ode to the Kookaburra
Poetry (Reflective)2011-01-18Spanish Limes
Poetry (Love)2011-01-20She' s A Lady
Poetry (Comedy)2011-01-22Whispers in the dark
Poetry (Comedy)2011-01-22I Found The Gods And Heaven
Poetry (Satire)2011-01-27Death On The High Seas
Poetry (Tribute)2011-01-29Peel Away My Layers
Poetry (Satire)2011-02-04The Ballad Of The Mountain Banjo Clan
Poetry (Tribute)2011-02-09Damn You, Barry Manilow!
Poetry (Love)2011-02-17Still
Poetry (Love)2011-02-18Wizard Of A Thousand Broken Hearts
Poetry (Love)2011-02-22Missing Her
Poetry (Reflective)2011-02-23Damn The Haiku
Poetry (Depressed)2011-03-01Trapped
Poetry (Tribute)2011-03-09Once More
Poetry (Horror)2011-03-092 To Remember Me By
Poetry (Rage)2011-03-18Prey For The Hunter
Poetry (Comedy)2011-03-22Hippie Beads And Cowbell Dreams
Poetry (Reflective)2011-03-23Dreamers And Dreams
Poetry (Reflective)2011-03-25Dead Rainbows
Poetry (Tribute)2011-03-28People Of The Sun Dance
Poetry (Satire)2011-03-30Mister Hen Pecked
Poetry (Tribute)2011-03-31Goodbye Old Friend
Poetry (Comedy)2011-03-31Zoo Keeper Needed
Poetry (Ironic)2011-04-06Let Me Fall
Poetry (Tribute)2011-04-06Robin Hood Of Jellystone
Poetry (Satire)2011-04-09Butt-ugly Blues
Poetry (Depressed)2011-04-11The Sky Fell And Rainbows Died
Poetry (Abuse)2011-04-15The Damaged Rose (aces over eights)
Poetry (Tribute)2011-04-17They Fell From The Sky
Poetry (Comedy)2011-04-19My Recipe For Dark Poetry
Poetry (Love)2011-04-20I Love You More Than Ice Cream
Poetry (Hillbilly)2011-04-23ad nauseam--The road-kill-Frisbee ballad
Poetry (Philosophical)2011-04-27The Hater
Poetry (Ironic)2011-04-28Two Sided Approach To Breaking Up (Jekyll and Hyde)
Poetry (Love)2011-04-28Insufferable Differences
Poetry (Reflective)2011-05-01Life In Paradox City
Poetry (Rage)2011-05-03Why Mommy
Poetry (Satire)2011-05-05Fat men in the rain--Drinkin' my cafe mocha
Poetry (Satire)2011-05-08Read Between The Lines
Poetry (Tribute)2011-05-11A Working Mans Horse
Poetry (Comedy)2011-05-11The Merry King Goes Green
Poetry (Reflective)2011-05-18Children And Monsters In The Night
Poetry (Philosophical)2011-06-07She Was My Poetry
Poetry (Love)2011-06-28The Fishing (Ho)le
Poetry (Tribute)2011-07-24Ride M'lady, Ride
Poetry (Comedy)2011-08-04The Malady Song
Poetry (Satire)2011-08-04Get Away Little Girl
Poetry (Fantasy)2011-08-10I Am Forever
Poetry (Satire)2011-08-10Behold The Blood...
Poetry (Tribute)2011-08-20Elephant Blues
Poetry (Rage)2011-09-10Comin' 'round
Poetry (Satire)2011-09-14In The Beginning...
Poetry (Comedy)2011-09-21Blame--A Letter To My Love
Poetry (Adult)2011-09-28The Gambler
Poetry (Tribute)2011-10-04Narcoleptic Youth Gone Wild
Poetry (Satire)2011-10-07Demimonde Girl--Barbie gone bad
Poetry (Horror)2011-10-11A Taste Of Betrayal
Poetry (Tribute)2011-10-22I'm stoned again, naturally
Poetry (Comedy)2011-10-22Harlot Of Darkness
Poetry (Tribute)2011-11-05I Am Soldier
Poetry (Comedy)2011-11-30Requiem For A Space Slut
Poetry (Horror)2012-01-01The Damnation
Poetry (Rage)2012-01-11Destroyer
Poetry (Non-Fiction)2012-01-15Edge Of Darkness
Poetry (Horror)2012-04-05Scarlet Lessons And Silent Gloom
Poetry (Satire)2012-04-05Caught Me With My Pants Down
Poetry (Tribute)2012-05-03Take Me Home
Poetry (Horror)2012-10-06L.D.S.K. (Long Distant Serial Killer)
Poetry (Horror)2012-10-11Monster Of Society
Poetry (Satire)2012-10-12Tall Trees Suck
Poetry (Fantasy)2012-10-19Merlin's Revenge
Poetry (Political)2012-10-27Sheep Whisperer
Poetry (Satire)2012-10-28American Idol
Poetry (Comedy)2012-11-10Plastic Companion
Poetry (Structured)2012-12-12Finality Is Absolute
Poetry (Satire)2012-12-21Exercise In Rhyme Fa-la-la la-la la-la-la-la
Poetry (Horror)2013-05-02Harbinger Of Death
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