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Look into these eye's
can you feel the pain the suffering I conflicted upon your deepest dreams?

I am DeepLoversPoet
I'm the shadow on your wall
the blood dripping from your broken heart.

I bring sorrow I bring pain
I make you feel my suffering and pain.

Dark Poetry is my domain...

Lovely Roses

Lay me down on a bed of roses
thorny stems and rosy bushes

Lovely roses for all to see,
blushing, crisp,
and falling out of season;
love them for all time.

Roses keep fresh
water, dirt, stems, and stock
keep them fresh throughout the seasons.

Lovely Roses all for me
kiss me sweetly with velvety touches

Lovely Roses with soft petals
smell them so sweetly
a perfume as fresh as the mornings dew

Lovely stems all for you
pricks you so gently
leaving bloody thorns
and red’sh drippings

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