I Love You,Mom

By SweetEvilness93

Mommy what happened,
Why am I going away,
What did I do,
To anyone anyway,
Don't make me leave you,
I promise I'll be a good girl,
Yes I love grandma and grandpa,
But I'm your little girl,
I don't want to live with them,
Please don't make me go,
I love you mommy,
I will miss you so,

Mommy what happened,
You were supposed to visit me today,
Where are you,
Are you lost,
Have you too gone away,
Don't you want to see me,
I got my first report card,
I'm doing good in school mommy,
I'm doing my very best,
And trying really hard,
Grandma and grandpa say,
That they're proud of me,
That I'm doing great with everything,
Mommy I wish you could see me,
And how good I'm doing,
But I've been told you aren't coming today,
That's okay mommy,
I still love you anyway,

Mommy I saw you today,
In a place called jail,
It's scary here,
And I don't like it at all,
Grandma told me that,
This is where all of the bad people go,
But you aren't bad she said,
That I already know,
I don't like seeing you here,
So sad and depressed,
I miss you so much,
Some people say this is for the best,
I know they're wrong,
You couldn't have done anything,
That bad to be sent here,
The people look mean and the guards,
Constantly stare,
You tell me that you'll be out soon,
But it's time to go now,
Visiting time is over,
And I really want a hug,
So I reach out to you,
But you don't reach back,
I figure out why when,
One of the guards yell "No physical contact!",
So I leave with grandma and grandpa,
With tears streaming from my eyes,
And once again I say,
I still love you mommy,
Bye for now,

Mommy I'm so happy,
You're out of jail,
I'm back living with you,
And things are going great,
I watched you get married today,
This is your 2nd marriage,
And this time you're sure,
He's really the one,
He loves you,
And makes you happy,
He treats my brother and I as if,
We were his own kids,
But he wants us to call him "dad",
Mommy that isn't right,
He may be our stepdad,
But he's not our real dad,
We can't have two,
You tell my brother and I to listen,
And call him our dad so we do,
I can't believe you'd make us do that,
Its not right,
But I still love you mommy,
So I will do this for you,

Mommy what is going on,
I was woken from a sound sleep,
I heard the yelling and glass break,
You're crying and hurt really bad,
There are empty beer and liquor bottles,
All over the floor,
You're bleeding and bruised,
The house is trashed,
What happened mommy,
Where is dad,
Is he coming back,
Mommy someone is at the door,
I see flashing lights and hear sirens,
The guards from the jail are back again,
This time they're with people from the ambulance,
They help bring the stretcher in,
And they carry you away,
Grandma and grandpa come and get me,
I'm going back with them to stay,
While the hospital fixes your broken body,
I love you mommy,
I hope you get well soon,

Mom you finally divorced him,
It was by far the best thing you've did,
We moved away from there,
And I'm in a new school,
I don't like it here,
The kids are mean and the teachers are cruel,
You still drink,
And go out with abusive men,
Who tell you where to go,
What to do,
Who you can and can't see,
You're not allowed to have friends,
When you disobey them you get beat,
It makes me scared to death,
To think that one day I could come home,
From school and find that you are dead,
I wish you would just stop all of this,
It doesn't help me,
If you don't pay attention,
You just might miss,
The things you should see,
Like how I'm not doing good in school,
I'm failing at least two subjects,
And now I found out you're going away,
To a place called rehab,
You saying its to get better,
But I know it won't work,
At least grandma and grandpa,
Will always welcome me to stay there,
I'm glad I have them,
They're like a set of parents to me,
They give me attention and love,
And help when I need it,
I don't know how long you'll be away,
But trust me mom,
I'll be okay,
I love you mom,
Go get better and please stay safe,

Hey mom,
I'm 16 now,
Even though I've been living here,
With you for quite some years now,
I know you want me out,
You don't want me to be here,
At times I question,
If you've ever loved me at all,
See I have now figured out what I've been to you,
All of these years,
A mistake,
A lost cause,
A big pain in the ass,
Always holding you back,
From having fun and doing what you wanted to,
All we do now days is scream and shout at each other,
We fight and argue about the stupidest things,
Sometimes I think I'm going insane,
Grandma is sick with cancer,
And I've been missing a lot of school,
Do to stress and sickness,
I'm a soon to be drop out,
My life is going downhill,
Mom do you even care,
You drink too much,
Too often,
It's tearing us apart,
Just put down the bottle,
And do something smart for once,
You hate me,
And we can barely stand to be near eachother,
But no matter what mom,
I love you and I'll always be here,

I'm 18 now,
Finally an adult,
You say you couldn't be more proud,
But you miss your little girl
I know that's a lie,
You couldn't wait for me to get a life of my own,
To mind my own business,
And stay out of yours,
Well you got your wish now mom,
And now you're getting what you deserve,
My brother is 16 now,
And going through a rough time,
He's putting you through hell,
I wish I could've been smart enough a 16,
To do that myself,
You still drink too often,
And we never see eye to eye,
We have our arguments,
But often I stay out of the way,
And off to the side,
I don't need you anymore mom,
Now you want to be here,
It's a little too late,
Too many years have gone by,
For you to try to make things right now,
I've grown up to be an okay person though mom,
Thanks to my grandparents who I love very much,
They have always been there for me,
Every step of the way,
To support me any way they could,
Through whatever life has thrown my way,
These past few years,
Have been really tough,
But with everything I've lost and gained,
I've learned so much,
I can't wait until the day I can leave here,
Get a job and a place of my own,
Just to get away,
In a few more years my brother will be gone too,
Sooner or later,
You'll be all alone,
You may miss me mom,
But please remember,
You've done this on your own,
And also remember,
No matter where I go or who I become,
I will always love you mom,
No matter what kind of life you lead,
Or what you have done,

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Copyright 2011 SweetEvilness93
Published on Friday, September 23, 2011.     Filed under: "Personal" and "Poetry"

Author's Note:

This is a very personal poem...Poetry has been a good way for me to get my feelings out,and a lot of things especially things from the past have been on my mind lately...So I wrote this.
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  • MindSpawn SlyFang On Monday, March 24, 2014, MindSpawn SlyFang (64)By person wrote:

    This explains just how I feel towards my mom and what's happening between us. I love her to my dearest heart but.... she sort of does sound like this, except for the drinking and other things. We just fight a lot and she lives somewhere else. I very much like this poem. It explains very well of what some mother/daughter relationships are like. I know just how it's like....

  • dwells On Saturday, September 24, 2011, dwells (5693)By person wrote:

    You're magnum opus I should think? Now on to better things, and thanks for the tale worth telling.

  • haunted On Friday, September 23, 2011, haunted (1190)By person wrote:

    heartbreaking to say the least, i had different situations in my life. but i can relate to the struggle for love from the one that should love you the most. a child should always come before anyone or anything, but unfortunatly thats not the case. the best thing you can do when you have children is not to repeat the cycle. you dont want your daughter writing a poem about you! lol! a little long but a very good poem. i enjoyed it!

  • sexxykiller14 On Friday, September 23, 2011, sexxykiller14 (69)By person wrote:

    i understand how you feel. something like that happened to me when i was younger.

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