Melancholic VIncent

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Future Psychologist
Shenanigans Prophet
Comical Neurotic
Metal is my Muse

INFP 4w5
28 Years Old
Sun and Moon in Taurus
Sagittarius Rising
Portugal, Lisbon

Psychology Student, Madness Master. Ethological Specimen With Anthropomorphic Resemblance AND Ethical Concerns.

Melancholic VIncent's Works

Poetry (Depressed)2012-06-04Metamorphosis
Poetry (Depressed)2012-06-04My dire diary
Poetry (Fiction)2012-06-04Phoenix Nest
Poetry (Personal)2012-06-05Where art thou my brother?
Poetry 2012-06-05The Night Coat
Poetry (Personal)2012-06-05Next of Kin
Poetry (Tribute)2012-06-07The Great War
Poetry (Fiction)2012-06-07Bewildered Wolves
Poetry (Depressed)2012-06-08Single-Bullet Theory
Poetry (Depressed)2012-06-08Midnight alignment
Poetry (Depressed)2012-06-09Crimson Blood
Poetry (Tribute)2012-06-08Before the night is over (Tribute to Max Payne)
Poetry 2012-06-12Lacerating Rage
Poetry (Personal)2012-06-17The Nightmare of Schizophrenia
Poetry 2012-06-17Fallacious Reality
Poetry 2012-06-18Prologue
Poetry (Reflective)2012-06-20Weeping Angels
Poetry (Depressed)2012-06-20Madman's Box
Poetry (Love)2012-06-21Lost Princess
Poetry (Love)2012-07-04Mona Lisa smile
Poetry (Fiction)2012-07-05Destroyer of Worlds
Poetry (Horror)2012-07-07Bio-Hazard
Poetry 2012-07-11Bipolar
Short Story (Reflective)2012-07-15Lesser of Two Evils
Poetry (Personal)2012-07-21Pathological Cocktail
Poetry (Reflective)2012-07-22Being Human
Poetry (Depressed)2012-07-23Unforgiven
Poetry (Depressed)2012-07-27What Killers are made of
Poetry (Personal)2012-07-27Compulsory Confinement
Poetry (Personal)2012-07-28Chronicles of a Madman (Lyssophobia)
Poetry 2012-07-30Loose Ends
Poetry 2012-07-30Portrait of John Doe
Poetry (Love)2012-08-21Hypnotic Attraction
Poetry (Philosophical)2012-08-27Polytheism
Poetry 2012-08-28Cimmerian Light
Poetry (Reflective)2012-09-14Beware of the Dog
Poetry 2013-05-04Motherless Abomination
Poetry 2013-05-05The Tower of Madness
Poetry 2013-05-07Spasmodic Heart
Poetry 2013-05-09Alchemy of Emotions
Poetry 2013-05-12System Overload
Poetry 2013-06-04Who really messed up my life?
Poetry 2013-06-04Epidemy of Thoughts
Poetry 2013-06-06Silence in the Library
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