The Wilted Stem

By Poe Etiquette

Oh Rose, so high above me, meek

I lift thy dainty painted cheek

To meet the falling golden ray

Proud, I hold you here each day

I nurture you by earth's delight

And bear thee fast, through winter's spite


Thy late flesh in air adrift

The tender breeze to stars doth lift

No robin's wing, nor faerie, bright

Hath ascended to the height

Where now thy petals, once rubescent

Travel, past the snowy crescent


Thy silhouette; a shadow cast

Upon my frame, to thee steadfast

Hides me from the winsome grace

That rests upon thy precious face

That serenity from in the sky

That colours thee a crimson dye


But light is not for me to know

For what have I, this stem, to show?

A slender stalk whose only aim

Is to preserve and love thy name

Oh Rose, but know my only plea

To, by my life, give health to thee


And so we stood, as you are told

Happy to the other, hold

But reader, there are yet lines left

Would that they had been bereft

For now this tale turns tragedy

And what was once, can no more be


For tho' stood we in fidelity

The sun, for her, held silent envy

And once, upon a day, most sour

From my body, plucked the flow'r

Bathed her in his haughty light

From early morn, till deepened night


I, waiting, gazed up, fervently

Imploring she return to me

Though eager, nothing new I learned

And to my side, she ne'er returned

Her eyes had, by the light, been swayed

And in his sight, eternal stayed


And now, what with no name to praise?

I shall deliver back my days

To the cradle of my birth

Surrender, I unto the earth

Wilted, drooping down my head

I lie, fading in this empty bed

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Copyright 2012 Poe Etiquette
Published on Monday, April 30, 2012.     Filed under: "Depressed" and "Poetry"
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  • A former member wrote: This is talent...very beautiful. Keep it up.

  • A former member wrote: I found significance in this piece in so many ways. The post traumatically stressed and angered toward the sun birthed from repetitive years of mourning during the day ][ ][

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