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Poetry 2012-03-20Fortune Cookie
Poetry 2012-03-21The slopes of Mauna Loa
Poetry 2012-03-21Heaven
Poetry 2012-03-21Jack of all trades
Poetry 2012-03-21Alpha male
Poetry 2012-03-23Polytics
Poetry 2012-04-02Living in a Castle
Poetry 2012-04-02Picnic Basket
Poetry 2012-04-03The Enemy Within
Poetry 2012-04-03Yikes!
Poetry 2012-04-03My Sacred Sanctuary
Poetry 2012-04-03Playin' Nine.
Poetry 2012-04-03Five Statements
Poetry 2012-04-03A Four Star Gourmet Feast.
Poetry 2012-04-03A Self Made Man
Poetry 2012-04-03Down in Yucatan
Poetry 2012-04-04A Wondrous Journey
Poetry 2012-04-04A Little White Lie
Poetry 2012-04-04Bagle with a D.
Poetry 2012-04-04The Best Vette Yet.
Poetry 2012-04-04Bargains and Better Brands
Poetry 2012-04-04Big Dogs
Poetry 2012-04-04The Far Side of the Moon
Poetry 2012-04-05The Aroma
Poetry 2012-04-05A Capitol Offense
Poetry 2012-04-05Church Girls
Poetry 2012-04-05Claim to Fame.
Poetry 2012-04-05Coast to Coast
Poetry 2012-04-05Cookin' Raw Fish
Poetry 2012-04-05Cosmic Glue
Poetry 2012-04-05Someday
Poetry 2012-04-05Party Time in Purgatory
Poetry 2012-04-05A Very Thoughtful Mother
Poetry 2012-04-05High Wire Act
Poetry 2012-04-05Expert
Poetry 2012-04-05Wannabe
Poetry 2012-04-05If I Were an Artist
Poetry 2012-04-05Time Tunnel
Poetry 2012-04-05Chain Link Fence
Poetry 2012-04-06Lottsa Little Makes A Lot
Poetry 2012-04-06We Call Each Other Bunkie
Poetry 2012-04-06Earth, Our Home
Poetry 2012-04-06Dinner Date
Poetry 2012-04-06Endless Marathon
Poetry 2012-04-07The Family Farm
Poetry 2012-04-07High School Math
Poetry 2012-04-07Hollywoodland
Poetry 2012-04-07I tried and I tried
Poetry 2012-04-07If I had a million dollars
Poetry 2012-04-07If it were you
Poetry 2012-04-07I'm Tired
Poetry 2012-04-08Introspective Revelation
Poetry 2012-04-08Kung Fu
Poetry 2012-04-08Love Letter
Poetry 2012-04-09It
Poetry 2012-04-10God Must Have Black Hair
Poetry 2012-04-10a bum in paradise
Poetry 2012-04-10All The ThingsThat Matter
Poetry 2012-04-10Maybe It's A Chicken
Poetry 2012-04-11The Fish That Never Swum
Poetry 2012-04-11third time'll be a charm
Poetry 2012-04-11Runnin' Wild
Poetry 2012-04-11Not Equal to the Task
Poetry 2012-04-11Suits for Boots
Poetry 2012-04-12Tyrant-A-Saur
Poetry 2012-04-12My Old Hometown
Poetry 2012-04-13Simple Things
Poetry 2012-04-14Awaiting Armageddon
Poetry 2012-04-16If I Only Could Have Had
Poetry 2012-04-212012
Poetry 2012-04-22The Quest
Poetry 2012-04-22Tools Of Their Toys
Poetry 2012-04-22Love vol. II
Poetry 2012-04-22Technology
Poetry 2012-04-30Satan and His Spawn
Poetry 2012-05-01Surrender
Poetry 2014-03-03 the herder of the flocks
Poetry 2014-03-03The nativity of man
Poetry 2014-03-03My three biggest critics
Poetry 2014-03-03Dude! Check the boots.
Poetry 2014-03-03Don't know what to call it
Poetry 2014-03-03I hitchike in the rain
Poetry 2014-03-04That's impossible
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