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just your average everyday guy, with your average everyday insanity.
id love to try to accomplish the goal of saving humanity.
but i'm just too tied up, or busy, or something else gets in my way.
i leave for work at four in the morning, and so begins my normal day,
i work in a factory, and the boss is my dad, yes i know my life is sad,
pitiful even, one might say, but sometimes i get to live life MY way.
even though i get home after six. i find time for my daily tricks.
i play games, i smoke, i love, i write, and sometimes i just sleep tight.
though i get little sleep, i don't complain; well. Maybe a peep.
so now you all know me a bit more, to new friends i open the door.
and with this last little line, i'll just say, im out of rhymes.

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