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Poetry 2002-06-12Moving On
Lyrics 2002-06-12Come Back
Poetry 2001-12-12you raped
Poetry 2001-12-18For Ivan
Poetry 2001-12-18Mine
Rant 2004-04-20You...
Lyrics 2004-04-20You
Rant 2006-04-27Not
Rant 2007-03-18i don't know
Poetry 2007-08-18That girl.
Poetry 2007-08-21Un-ode to him
Poetry 2007-09-19Never failing.
Poetry 2007-12-26because everyone loves a clean slut
Rant 2008-01-02facts.
Poetry 2008-01-18oscillating like the northern atlantic winds
Other 2008-01-18hm
Poetry 2008-01-21le;kwr'lkwefl;sasm,sfa'l;'kg"KSf':
Poetry 2008-04-21unfinished.possibly.
Journal 2008-06-30...
Journal 2010-03-20Untitled
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