A sip of Vodka

By unusual_blood

My eyes feel heavy
and round
I want to go
lie down
There's a song
stuck in my brain
refusing to
to go
Life's got a funny
way of
making you
feel lame
And it's so odd
how one
can seem
to be so
The song
is getting louder
I feel fat like
a pregnat cow
There's boredom
filling up
all the empty
unfilled places
I think i'm going
to sink wearing
the monotonous crown
The song is
fading away
It's heading towards
the arcadde
We'll go and get real crazy
Dance and not
be lazy
I'll even fill my
cup all the way
with vodka and
I won't need
to spend
my time hiding in an
empty cave
Mabye I've found
a way
And I think
it's safe enough to say
I'm gonna

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Copyright 2003 unusual_blood
Published on Friday, December 5, 2003.     Filed under: "Poetry"
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Comments on "A sip of Vodka"

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  • tonebone On Friday, May 1, 2020, tonebone (53)By person wrote:

    I see "sip of vodka" as a thinly veiled statement. Forgive me if I'm wrong but the forum is Dark Poetry isn't it? I mentioned 'come in" as a reference to a famous poem by Robert Frost. "a sip of vodka" immediately brought "come in" to mind.

  • tonebone On Friday, May 1, 2020, tonebone (53)By person wrote:

    sometimes it seems we've been invited to"come in" when we really haven't. It's good a sip of vodka has kept you with us.

  • A former member wrote: im a very big fan of vodka, so naturally i love your poem. but i also like the way you wrote it. very different

  • CrOsSeD N BoUnD On Thursday, April 7, 2005, CrOsSeD N BoUnD (45)By person wrote:

    VODKA!?!? *steps into the kitchen to make a drink*

  • Emptyness Inside Me On Thursday, January 13, 2005, Emptyness Inside Me (175)By person wrote:

    very unique. interesting look on drinking, i likes, great job ~Emptyness~

  • SGT Bloth On Thursday, December 11, 2003, SGT Bloth (165)By person wrote:

    Awesome!!!!...What else can I say? Bloth

  • Drea On Friday, December 5, 2003, Drea (1505)By person wrote:

    most interesting...~Drea~

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