Comments by Drea

  • "I come back to your words a lot. Especially this one. I remember the conversations around this. The way you weaved those of us that always stood by you into this… You are missed. You are incredibly missed. "
    Posted by Drea on "Angels in the Dark" by Lab Rat
  • "The choice of color adds another layer to this. I really enjoyed the tempo of this. "
    Posted by Drea on "...Toke" by SolApathy
  • "That last line is everything. Then the color adds to the feel of this. "
    Posted by Drea on "ascian" by Feral
  • "From what I’ve seen, and from what I’m told, quotation marks, and apostrophes don’t work in DP mail. "
    Posted by Drea on "Test, Server Update" by DarkPoet
  • "This feels familiar, and that’s painful. Write on. "
    Posted by Drea on "6 Years " by Quietus
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