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I am strange, I have issues, I am not alone
I am light, I am dark, I am everything in between
I know not who I am
Not sure who I was
I wonder where it is I am going
I create, I destroy, start all over again
leaving behind pieces of me shatttered and forgotten
time to change for life is still strange
to be and to see to dig up whats me
to settle the score and end the war
the war thats inside me, this is an intro to me

Zyrnuvex's Works

Poetry 2008-06-02The war inside Pt 1
Poetry (Spiritual)2007-01-19The Dragon
Essay (Reflective)2010-06-24Artists, Intelligence, and Controversy
Journal (Personal)2010-06-26Psalm 666
Rant (Tribute)2010-06-29STEAL THIS BITCH!!!
Other (Reflective)2010-07-01Pride
Rant (Rage)2010-08-20Rage, my ever faithful lover
Short Story (Comedy)2011-05-13A Day That Never Happened (Repost)
Other 2013-01-08Chemical Lies
Poetry (Philosophical)2014-12-06Shared Reality
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