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I'm almost a lot of things,
But almost doesn't count for much,
does it?

"We fall in love with people who don’t love themselves,
maybe because we think we could be someone’s missing piece. Perhaps that’s narcissistic, to think we are another individuals antidote for existence, and perhaps it’s the all too human need to be needed."

Until then, I'm...
Getting older by the hour.
A Capricorn.
A Semi-Adult
A Make-shift fortune teller.

Hands_Around_My_Throat's Works

Poetry 2011-10-03What We've Become
Poetry 2012-02-24Love Birds
Poetry 2012-03-06Eat My Heart
Poetry 2012-03-16Drink the Hate?
Poetry 2012-03-19Cold Comfort
Poetry 2012-07-13Over-Medicated?
Poetry (Reflective)2013-11-26Degenerate Generation
Poetry 2013-11-29A Girls Best Friend
Poetry (Depressed)2014-04-26A Jumble of Consciousness to Edit
Poetry (Reflective)2017-08-31Not All Change Is Good
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