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Poetry (Love)2009-05-30Love
Poetry 2008-06-30No matter how accurate a ruler is,
Poetry 2008-06-27One Thing Leads From Another
Poetry 2008-06-22Dream Souls
Poetry 2008-06-22Conformalcy
Poetry 2008-06-20Hmmm.....Allow me to Retort.
Poetry 2008-06-20Composed Comprehension
Poetry 2008-06-18Can Love and Hate Be Combined into a Greater Whole?
Poetry 2008-06-17Imprints
Poetry 2008-06-16False freedoms, Holy Cheats and Formal Lies to Tyrannize
Poetry 2008-06-16From Whence Comes Faith?
Poetry 2008-06-16Sometimes Love Doesn't Win - But True Love Never Fails
Poetry 2008-06-16Marooned just south the tropic of Cancer
Poetry 2008-06-15Diulay No More, Do it Your Own Way
Poetry 2008-06-14Is it the Question or the Answer that Probes Us?
Poetry 2008-06-14Schrödinger's Kit Kat Club
Poetry 2008-06-12I am Unfathomable to You - The Condition is not Mutual
Poetry 2008-06-12Remove the Bar
Poetry 2008-06-10The Federal Republic vs the People's Republic
Poetry 2008-06-09Languages - Dangerous Tools - From Mouths of Influential Fools
Poetry 2008-06-08I wish
Poetry (Love)2008-06-07Would You?
Poetry (Rage)2008-06-06Driven to Distration...
Poetry (Satire)2008-06-05When I die...
Poetry (Philosophical)2008-06-04Failure is living for others and neglecting yourself...
Poetry (Reflective)2008-06-04In Hell, only Pain is Truthful...
Poetry (Philosophical)2008-06-04Embrace the Infinite
Poetry (Reflective)2008-05-24A frog in a well does not know the great sea
Poetry (Philosophical)2008-05-24You may think I'm negative...
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