I've seen parts of the world I wish could be saved.. I've tried to save them. I've seen death come for those who didn't deserve it... I tried to save them, too. I've seen people try to take the best of me and perhaps they did... I tried to kill them

Trigger's Works

Poetry (Non-Fiction)2014-04-21The Sand
Poetry 2009-07-20Untitled Haiku.
Poetry 2008-02-27Polar
Poetry 2008-02-20Depth Perception
Poetry 2008-02-05Love, by the way
Poetry 2008-02-04P.O.E.M.
Poetry 2007-06-24"Flirt"
Poetry 2007-05-21"Only a Dream"
Poetry 2007-05-21"Grey"
Poetry 2007-05-17"(Play)ground"
Poetry 2007-05-14"Carousel Ride"
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