The Sand

By Trigger

It's hot here

A hostile environment
In the truest sense of the words

Even the plants are carnivorous
Everything is trying to kill us

The sand here is the consistency of powder

It gets into everything
My clothes, my skin
My teeth, my lungs

I clean my gun three times a day at least
And most days
That's not even enough

And the heat?

167 is our hottest day
And not even that is enough to allay
The anticipation for the oncoming fray
That we need to come out of
Day after day, after day, after day
After day

Time to go

It's hot here, and it just got hotter
It's loud, and it's terrifying
It's exhilarating
It's all happening so fast
Too fast
They said it would slow down
But it's too fast
No time to think
Take action
Take aim

And just like that

...I'm a killer

But no time to grieve, just gotta act
'Cause his friends are there too
And they don't like what I did

Gotta move
Gotta move
Thunder everywhere
But not a cloud in the sky
We will get through this
We're not gonna die
We're not gonna die
We're not gonna die

It's all happening so fast, too fast
No time to think
Take action
Take aim
I'm already a killer
The enemy's to blame
Take action
Take aim

And just as quickly as it started...'s over...

It's over, and not all of us saw it through

We're walking back now and
No one's talking about it

We're waking back and smiling
Laughing, even
And speaking of all the things we're gonna do
When we make it home

And some of the things we wanted to do

It was my friends biggest hope
To be able to mow his lawn again
That's all he wanted
Sit on his John Deere
Crack open a cold beer
And smell that sweet smell
Of fresh cut grass

He'll go home before all of us


The sand is getting into everything
My teeth, my lungs
We've been here for months now
It's in my blood now and
Eroding who I used to be

But every day is another fight
And we still need to sleep at night
So we don't speak of wrong or right

Only what's necessary

Because here
In the sand
It's truly a hostile environment

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Copyright 2022 Trigger
Published on Wednesday, September 28, 2022.     Filed under: "Non-Fiction" and "Poetry"

Author's Note:

First written piece based upon my expierences in Afghanistan. Written in 2014.
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