Love, by the way

By Trigger

Wishing to see life
Ahieve what it is best at,
Coming to an end.

Dark? Twisted?
No, just pondering...

Hoping to see mine
Reach whatever goal is set,
Before that end comes.

Hopeful? Delusional?
Maybe, but I'll take my chances.

Wash away my tears,
It's not your place to do so,
And yet, you persist.

Thankful? Loving?
Completely, but not all there...

Torn in t(w)o pieces
One is here, the other... there
In need of an end.

Words have no meaning in this hysterical rampage of thoughts, feelings, and nuances of one simple subject... What is it? Only time will tell.

I see the feelings come and go as easily as a life can be taken... Death is no enemy, but a misunderstood creature that has found its niche in our lives.

What is the subject I am trying to portrey?

Lines dying with every breath of thick atmosphere... I can't find the words, but these will do just fine.

She is an enigma, a puzzle waiting to be solved... I am just missing a few pieces... but the picture they create is indescribable... and yet I try.

As I said, I'll take my chances.

I have nothing to lose anyhow.

I see the birds gathering bread crumbs, and it reminds me of a time when I appreciated the little things in life... but they were snatched from me by a vulture.

I suppose it doesn't matter. Vultures only eat what is dead.

So where are they now? These scavangers of the wasteland... Maybe there is a bit more to my life than what is rotting... Maybe.

I saw an angel once... Heaven in the flesh, she was, and she showed me Paradise, and put me through Hell, but I found the light I need to see.

Heartfelt rhymes
And windblown chimes
Are nothing but sounds in memory

Painting a scene
Of cast-away dreams
-I lay my brush down

Rhyme? No. Only a thought spilled like wet ink across a page... A mistake.

Falling stars would be so much better if they landed... something tangible, something to have and to hold... I've found mine in the hand of time... he caught it just for me... and like all the other small things... stolen by a vulture.

But it doesn't matter.

Love, by the way, is the subject at hand... must have been a small thing in my life... must have been dead...

I once heard that love is like a fire, it burns deep within... well, what happens when it gets out of control?

I know... I know. I hope you don't, and never will. The pain is real, the pain is alive... so of course the vulture won't touch it...

I am kneeling at the altar now, waiting for a sign, praying for a sign, and I see nothing but my own tears staining the floor.

What does a breaking heart sound like?

It sounds a lot like a story told through the barrel of a gun, written in red on the ceiling.

Dark? Twisted?
As I said, just pondering...

A blank stare... empty of feeling, or even consiousness...

Not alseep, never asleep,

Just thinking,

Just pondering...

Unauthorized Copying Is Prohibited. Ask the author first.
© 2008 Trigger
Published on Tuesday, February 5, 2008.     Filed under: "Poetry"
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Comments on "Love, by the way"

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  • A former member wrote: There were so many moments here that felt like someone was kicking me in the chest, they had such an impact. I loved how it changed rhythms around constantly, had an imperfect, assymetrical feel to it. The very structure reflected the message of the person too tired of trying to be perfect to want to bother any more. Just raw, powerful message, uncut and potent. Definitely favoriting this one. (Little tiny thing though, I had an impulse to skip over this one when I saw the first word in the second line was misspelled, I'm glad I decided to dismiss it as a typo [as it was] and continue reading, cause it turned out to be the only mistake. You're obviously a brilliant writer. You might want to fix that "achieve" so other people don't pass over this gem.)

  • Echoes of Orpheus On Friday, March 14, 2008, Echoes of Orpheus (368)By person wrote:

    If these are your normal thoughts as you finished stating, I give up my slogan of having a labyrinth for a mind. I give it to you :P Well written

  • GraveFlower On Thursday, February 7, 2008, GraveFlower (283)By person wrote: know i love you..i cant get a hold of you....i hope your doing well,,,loved this...your amazing..

  • Niemand On Wednesday, February 6, 2008, Niemand (366)By person wrote:

    2 words: Kick. Ass. And that's all I'm saying...-Geisha

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