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Face The Darkness Don't Be Afraid Of What's Not Seen.
Behind the blackness, unknown lurks in the air will you dare.
Face the shadow of oneself bringing the lifeless undesirable from within. To tame the beast we're all sinners with voices in our head. Telling us we're not worthy of the air we breathe because we sin. Find those words left unsaid because you're scared to take up for yourself. Poetic Rhyme were the voiceless find their words and speak in poetic pain. Rhyming words to describe how we feel and speak up for ourselves. Poetic Rhyme there's healing in words that form poetry free verse nor rhyme. It doesn't matter just let the pain lose as ink covers the scars like a bandaid until the wound heals. Release your pain, grief, etc. The dark hidden places no one has ever seen. Face your shadow self letting go of the voices that say you're not enough. Find your voice and be heard through poetry. There's healing today for everybody poetic rhyme is a bandaid that covers the wounds until healing takes place.

All the love and all the pain has made me into the woman I am now live hard but love even harder

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Poetry (Depressed)2021-02-11Emptiness
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