The Song of Narcissus

By FlowMyTears

The Song of Narcissus



Are these the elements I cannot find?

To seek victory is to beg defeat,
pitiful is the struggle of our minds.

It is the TYRANT fixating on comfort dearly...

Who casts his shadow when he is bored.

Who dares to control what he knows not,
consuming his free along with worlds.

I ask myself so frequently,
I repeat to myself loudly,
The angry conflict running my soul.
And I cannot for the love of me,
solve the mystery of self-control.

Now that I say these faint words to you,
I feel naked and not so great.

But I hear my confessions so freely,
that I have become the thing that I hate.


The engineers became weary,
working on their bridges.
The arichetects dropped their
compasses impulsively.

They stared in awe at
the newly created chat rooms
and forums.

In this room, nobody can yell.
Everyone speaks at a distance,
bringing out their good side,
bringing out their -- 
civilized selves.

There's some noise from the radio
in the background -- 
here it comes.


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Copyright 2020 FlowMyTears
Published on Sunday, October 4, 2020.     Filed under: "Reflective" and "Poetry"
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