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Putting music to poetry is one of the most fulfilling things on earth that I can find. It gives an emotional high and depth to everyday life. We become so calloused to our surroundings but when we take the time to peer into ourselves and find our true selves and put it to paper and then to music...We are finally found by the bigger picture.Nothing is better.

AllenTaylor's Works

Poetry 2011-11-28Final Breath
Lyrics (Depressed)2011-11-28The Broken Lullaby
Lyrics 2011-11-28Living Scar
Poetry (Love)2011-11-28When You Are Around
Lyrics (Reflective)2011-11-28Time Flies
Lyrics (Abuse)2011-11-28Free Rest
Poetry (Love)2011-11-29Your Eyes
Poetry 2011-11-29Fall into me
Poetry (Love)2011-11-29Melody of your life
Lyrics (Love)2011-11-29Harmony of your Life Reprise
Lyrics (Reflective)2011-11-29Giving It Up
Poetry (Love)2011-11-29The Lover
Poetry 2011-11-29On My Mind
Poetry (Love)2011-11-29I am Here
Poetry 2011-11-30Forgotten Problem Child
Poetry (Depressed)2011-11-30Chronicles of Desperation
Poetry 2011-11-30Her Beauty
Poetry (Love)2011-11-30Take Me Away
Poetry (Love)2011-11-30Give Me More
Poetry (Love)2011-11-30Wash us Away
Lyrics (Abuse)2011-12-05My Demise
Poetry 2011-12-05Loss of Innocence
Lyrics (Love)2011-12-08Forever close to me
Poetry (Love)2011-12-12If I could
Poetry (Depressed)2011-12-26Your Spell
Poetry 2011-12-26What am I to you?
Poetry (Love)2012-01-01Let's go away
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