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Poetry (Depressed)2011-10-07This World...
Poetry (Depressed)2011-10-08~Emptiness~
Poetry 2011-10-13The Ugly Within
Poetry 2011-10-14~Visions of Flesh Eaters~
Poetry 2011-10-23Result Of My Sins
Poetry (Haiku)2011-10-28Beautiful Death Scene
Poetry (Haiku)2011-10-28Midnight Wounds
Poetry (Love)2011-11-22Bloody Satisfaction
Poetry (Horror)2011-12-17Room 99
Poetry (Abuse)2011-12-23...Message In A Bottle...
Poetry (Love)2012-01-21Taste
Poetry (Haiku)2012-02-12Winter Depression
Poetry 2012-03-05- A Lonely Slumber -
Poetry (Love)2012-04-27Bruises and Bandages
Poetry (Personal)2013-02-24Insecure
Poetry (Love)2013-03-03The Violin
Poetry 2013-04-26Nocturnal Lullaby
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