'Rite of Spring' (Stravinsky)

By FadedBlues

there is madness in the music.
the madness of rebellious composers, & of poets.
of lovers, & of those who suffer for believing
there is a place beyond obscurity.

L'Adoration de la Terre:

there is rage in the choreography.
the dancers profess their pagan adoration
of Spring, mistress of renewal.
they dance a sexual frenzy, in thrall to Gaia.
their dementia deviates into terpsichore,
as their king kneels & kisses the earth.

Le Sacrifice:

the ballerinas arrive from the river.
they are lithe & lovely, as ballerinas are,
clothed in peasant tunics, torn & form-fitting.
& the fairest of these becomes the 'chosen.'

but the primitive dance steps, lacking the grace & fluidity
of traditional ballet, are met with disdain by the audience.
(who are we to judge?
we are human parodies in a penny opera.)

in the final movement, the girl dances
because the gods demand it.
her maneuvers are contorted, & energetic,
almost ugly, & exquisitely beautiful.

until the intensity of it ravages her,
& she lay upon the stage...& does not move.

it is the music
& the dancing
& the beauty

that killed her.

(the way of all art)

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Copyright 2013 FadedBlues
Published on Wednesday, January 2, 2013.     Filed under: "Poetry"
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Comments on "'Rite of Spring' (Stravinsky)"

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  • A former member wrote: I dont know what to say but beautiful. A commentary on the performers all, him that dreamed it and those that portray the savage pulses to others... it enlightens and captures.

  • A former member wrote: This was fantastic. A nice recap. Very vivid and outstandingly penned!!

  • FadedBlues On Thursday, January 3, 2013, FadedBlues (2180)By person wrote:

    Friends, thanks. Stravinsky said that the idea for 'Rite' came to him in a dream in which he saw a sacrificial virgin dance herself to death...

  • dwells On Wednesday, January 2, 2013, dwells (4339)By person wrote:

    We used to have to listen to this in Music Appreciation, thanks for the marvellous recap Faded - you made it real again, cheers!

  • A former member wrote: In awe!...I'm speechless by the beauty and the depth of this penned....excellent writing here my friend...so creative and so medieval...just loving it...what an explosion piece for new year! its a 10! thanks for sharing AD.

  • Magdalena On Wednesday, January 2, 2013, Magdalena (617)By person wrote:

    Beautiful Blues, I used to dance. Was on stage a few time when younger. :)

  • Stephanie Sideways On Wednesday, January 2, 2013, Stephanie Sideways (276)By person wrote:

    I agree with devilish about the whole black swan feel! I am having a day of self doubt about my poetry. This made a fitting read today! Any artist wants to be enjoyed by a wider audience. If we can make others smile, laugh, cry, be angry etc then we feel we are connecting, and it feels good, but we are our own worst critic ( that's how I feel anyhow) lovely piece!!!!!

  • A former member wrote: Your soul-dictationional poetry is immaculate.

  • PoetessDarkly On Wednesday, January 2, 2013, PoetessDarkly (701)By person wrote:

    awesome I am a classical music finatic this is gorgous blues. :)

  • Devilish On Wednesday, January 2, 2013, Devilish (2667)By person wrote:

    OMG.. Talk about up close and personal detour into that life. that leads to death for so many. the movie black swan is exactly what i envisioned while reading this but this was so much better. and you are so right sir about what you said yesterday as far as people claiming to be poets or not. You were sent to save some of us through your poetry i know i speak for me and maybe a couple of others that value and appreciate your being here. so openly quiet outloud with grace and of course masculine too.. lol. bows sir Scholar

  • FadedBlues On Wednesday, January 2, 2013, FadedBlues (2180)By person wrote:

    This ballet incited a riot at its Paris premier 100 years ago...

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