Drums Across Time III

By dwells

The strongest tribe will take the biggest cave
“Injustice!” – did the lesser tribes exclaim
The heart remembers what the minds forgave

Primordial, Man’s penchant to enslave
Injustice – all the histories, the same
Tomorrow he will claim the biggest cave

The wealth of kings, their kingdom cannot save
Injustice – how the mob invokes his name
The battle cry (what others soon forgave)

Demanding that he give them what they crave
Injustice – cannot pay a debt of shame
Aggrieved; no compensating what they gave

Infernal drum whose beat will soon deprave
Injustice – with the countryside aflame
No innocence will live beyond the grave

Unprincipled, the mob will not behave
Injustice called this scoundrel to his fame
The strongest tribe will take the biggest cave
The heart remembers what the minds forgave

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Copyright 2020 dwells
Published on Friday, June 19, 2020.     Filed under: "Philosophical" and "Poetry"

Author's Note:

Almost a villanelle. Updated an old personal favorite
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  • TropicalSnowstorm On Monday, August 3, 2020, TropicalSnowstorm (1835)By person wrote:

    Great piece! Your observations are right on the nose... Ciao, Steve Scholar

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