Shadowlight Symphony

By Paradoxology

     ~ Shadowlight Symphony ~
             (In memory of...)

Dream for me tonight
Beneath the midnight sea of shadowlight
From the water in my open grave I’m calling you
I’m calling you...
To bleed for me again
Dividing faith from sin where both began
For I once believed in every star remembered by the waves
The embers of eternity in streams of sunlight swept away
Protected in the dark side far away

             Stars on the water...
             Never shall die...?

Of a bridge I have heard
In visions held in fragments of the heavens hiding in the night
On waves where stars are sparkling in a dark serene enchanted scene
Curtains of the endless dream
Opening and closing on a tragedy that fills the stage
Kills the shade from Eden’s pain...
A sad and dying cygnet swimming all alone, in silence bowing down
Swimming in an endless circle
Searching for the one that drowned
Searching for the wings of shelter never to be found

             Wings in the water...
             Never shall fly...?

Of a song I have learned
A voice of unknown inspiration singing to the unknown God
Composed within the heart of sorrow
Calling to the missing swan
Bowed below the waves of darkness, never rising up for air
Drawn by something better than the breath of life that holds him bound
Dreams that calls him down into the sleeping mermaid’s endless song
Teaching him to count the stars
Long ago forsaken by the living dead, but far away
In the night they still appear, remembered by the waves...

As somewhere in a distant room
There comes a fear of life unknown
A monster meek, a killer mild
That comes to resurrect her child
His mother’s form forever torn in floating bloodsoaked sleeping gowns
With Kasdeja she’s never gone from memories that fade at dawn

And sometimes when she disappears
To play a game of hide-and-seek
He hides behind the entrance door
With something else, and something more
For in a mirror streaked in red he sees his own reflection smile
A phantom of the flameless candle falling from his frozen hand
Reaching for the silent song that echoes off the glass mirage
The bridge that brings what silence sings
Silenced when the monster finds him
Slams the door and reappears in crushing shrouds of...

             The sea of darkness
             Between the stars
             Which still remain

             But changed
             And never knowing what stays
             Beyond the change to come
             Which death proclaims

So dream for me tonight
Beneath this midnight sea of shadowlight
From the water in my open grave I’m calling you
I’m calling you...
To bleed for me again
Dividing faith from sin where both begin
For I was conceived in one bright star reflected by the waves
An ember of eternity in rays of moonlight swept away
Rejected by the dark side far away

In the song I had lost
The cold revealing daylight came
When tragedy was torn away, so terrible the loss
The nails in my cross...
But then the night returned
The cygnet died with open eyes like diamonds facing down
Floating in the sea of stars he died without a sound
The child shall return
Upon this bridge of jasper stone reflected in the cygnet’s soul
Echoing his dying song
Singing to the silent swan
Bringing to the child gone a fear that nothing ever calms

             One future mother...
             Never shall die...?

For sometimes in this child cursed
There’s something bad, and something worse
Concealed in his killer’s face despising him with lies encased
Inside the sad facade of heaven’s unaccepted grace
A ripple in the wishing well of history erased

             One side by scarlet...
             One by the blind...

“So kind,” said the harlot, “is Darwin my man.”
“It’s true,” said the rapist, “he freed us from sin.”
“It’s false,” she replied, “yet I long to believe.”
Said PsychoTheRapist,
“Repeat after me...”

“Kasdeja, Kasdeja faithful friend
Bake me a cake as fast as you can
Garnish it with baby hearts and mark it with an E
And throw it in the oven just to hear my puppet scream!

“Make in me a hellish high but make it seem divine
Oh Kasdeja, Kasdeja love of my life
Sustain for me this crime that draws its carnage from his crippled mind
Quiz that wicked sinner daily,
Who are you and who am I?!!”

And once again behind the door the monster came that came before
The game of hide-and-seek is won when crime begets a crime undone
A burning bloodstained angel feather falling from his mother’s hair
Ignites the candle in his hand that blinds him from her silent stare...

             The rest is sorrow
             My every step
             To where I’ll rest

             In death
             This strange and dangerless edge
             Which frames the mirror
             That leads to life

To the bridge I returned
When broken glass unbarred the open mirror gate inside
The sun that stole the sorrow from the surface of the water
Could never touch the cygnet’s heart
Reflected in the child’s eyes
The ghost of what remains
The son of no one’s daughter floating facedown in the water
In flowing robes of Oceanlight pulled under by the waves
The sad one learned the cygnet’s song
His only home in depths below

             The mermaid’s womb...
             His ocean tomb...

Then from the waves arrives a savior, comes an angel to the child
From her wings a transient vision interweaves an endless song
In the song there swims a mermaid, in the mermaid grows a child
In the child’s eyes the cygnet waited to descend
Waited ’til the angel landed, leading him from now to then...

He followed the angel through desolate fields to reach for what neither alone could perceive
They found an oasis with two hanging gardens, the one to awaken, the other to sleep,
“But when shall these beautiful gardens be dust,
Isn't this what is waiting for us in the distance?”
She showed him a lake that had formed the oasis
And looked in his eyes as her only reply

He crawled in her arms like a soft bed of comfort
With pillows of healing from sorrow and hunger
She folded her wings in the warm peaceful water
To bathe with him, baptized as one, six feet under

             Now lay in sleep, so deep and safe
             We’ll meet again...but far away
             Sleep against my heart of pain...
             Sleep 'til I awake...

             The dreamless sleep
             That holds the key
             To what you seek

             This day
             Begins the chrysalis stage
             Into the change
             We both shall keep

So dream for me tonight
For in your eyes I’ve seen the shadowlight
Where the memory of my future home came back to me
Came back to say...
“In thee I’ve seen the bridge
That joins my deepest pain to all that is
To restore the blood of teshookaw my books of torture turned to lust
Tonight this rose the moon unfolds shall shed its thorns for both of us
I’ll dream for you tonight
I’ll bleed until I die...”

Rope of Judas, pure remorse
Betrayed the snake behind his eyes,
“Damn this silver! Damn survival!
Nevermore, remember me...”

Two can never be as one
But one shall someday undivide
Your eyes retained the shadow
Your soul regained the light

To guide me to my home
Between the gardens grown by shadowlight
Where the sandman came to say your name so beautiful,
“So beautiful...thy heart echoes a hymn,
Dividing joy from pain, the ghost within...”
From the cygnet floating down into the mermaid’s dead embrace
The child heard her call and followed, falling from the bridge
In both to be reborn beneath the sunlight far away...
In both to live forever, freed from time and tears of pain

             The end of darkness
             The only star
             That still remains

             Shall stay
             Forever glowing unchanged
             Beyond the change to come
             Which death proclaimed

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Copyright 2018 Paradoxology
Published on Thursday, September 27, 2018.     Filed under: "Poetry"
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  • dwells On Sunday, September 30, 2018, dwells (4233)By person wrote:

    A sorrowful lamentation on the death of three perhaps: mother, child, and father forever cursed. Lots to say but I won't my friend. The evil that we do is eternal. Cheers - Dan

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