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Poetry (Horror)2017-10-01A Silence Anchor
Poetry (Love)2017-10-08Resurrection
Poetry (Structured)2017-10-12The Whore and the Horror
Poetry (Abuse)2017-10-16Dream Alone
Poetry (Spiritual)2017-10-21Paradise Dead
Poetry (Personal)2017-10-27Darkroom 92: The Four Seasons
Poetry (Philosophical)2017-11-01Nursery Crimes
Poetry (Love)2017-11-05Junkyard Piano
Poetry (Spiritual)2017-11-08The Child and the Monster
Poetry 2017-11-11Mercury
Poetry 2017-11-14Flash of Mercy
Poetry 2017-11-18Operation Death
Poetry 2017-11-20By Flood and By Flame
Poetry 2017-11-23Taciturn Maudit
Poetry 2017-11-26Double-Barrel Rifle: The Four Seasons
Poetry 2017-11-30Born Again
Poetry 2017-12-08Spiral
Poetry 2017-12-11Soul of the Snake
Poetry 2017-12-14Hallowyne Valenteen
Poetry 2017-12-18Martyr's Wedding
Poetry 2017-12-21Sea of Japan
Poetry 2017-12-21Black Curtain
Poetry 2017-12-30Ballad of Despair
Poetry 2018-01-06Artist of Sorrows
Poetry 2018-01-14Once and Future
Poetry 2018-01-21Cause of Death
Poetry 2018-01-24Ocean Tomb
Poetry 2018-09-27Shadowlight Symphony
Poetry 2018-10-06Darkhouse
Poetry 2018-10-14Happy Ending
Poetry 2018-10-20The Sea and the Seer
Poetry 2018-11-27Memory Lane
Poetry 2018-12-02Red Carpet
Poetry 2018-12-20Inner Darkness, Inner Light
Poetry 2019-01-19The Shark and the Ghost Ship
Poetry 2020-03-27Dark Echoes
Poetry 2020-04-13Dark Reflections
Poetry (Political)2021-02-11The Election Song
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