The Election Song

By Paradoxology

                        ~ The Election Song ~
             (dark edition of “The Christmas Song”)

Black flies roasting on an open fire
Anger stirring in our souls
Hymns of doom being sung by a choir
Of folks dashed of their dearest hopes
Everybody knows, unspoken, both the lambs and goats
The votes, the darkness and the light
Tiny tots with their weeping eyes soaked
Still find it hard to sleep at night

They know that Biden's just a fake
A bitter lesson learned to sooner trust the Snake
As every mama's child deep down inside
Is trained the love of God is also just a lie
In cold blood sold and for a dime betrayed
To place all faith in just one truth
In subtlety said, many times, many ways
“We were lying to you...”

             (quiet saxophone interlude, slow-groove... tear-jerking...)

They know that Satan's had his way
They told you bald-faced lies to cause you to behave
In war and love, more than it seems
To learn the end forever justifies the means
The bad guy silenced, paralyzed and slain
Snuffed out by Joe's most holy name
For Paradise lost and a pair of dice gained
“We'll keep lying to you...”

A lifelong refrain
Every line, every phrase
“Ever lying to you...”

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Copyright 2021 Paradoxology
Published on Thursday, February 11, 2021.     Filed under: "Political" and "Poetry"
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