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Pessimist. Misanthrope. Limerent. Nihilist. Edgelord.

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Poetry (Abuse)2020-02-16Living Room Honeymoon
Poetry (Depressed)2020-02-17On a Sunday
Poetry (Love)2020-02-18To Court a Cadaver
Poetry (Love)2020-02-19Divorce
Poetry (Love)2020-02-20The Philanderer
Poetry (Love)2020-02-23Lovers' Doomtrip
Journal (Love)2020-02-24Letter to a Friend
Journal (Depressed)2020-02-25Suicide Note (I)
Poetry (Horror)2020-02-27Pentagram Princess
Poetry (Depressed)2020-02-28Bedroom Blues
Poetry (Depressed)2020-02-29The Slump
Poetry (Depressed)2020-03-02Burn-out
Poetry (Political)2020-03-03Pig Farm
Poetry (Personal)2020-03-04605
Poetry (Depressed)2020-03-05Beggar
Poetry 2020-03-07Ant Annihilator
Poetry (Love)2020-03-08Miss You
Poetry (Love)2020-03-09The Pursuit
Poetry (Love)2020-03-10Absolute Zero
Poetry (Love)2020-03-11Bathroom Nights
Poetry (Political)2020-03-13In the Name of Money
Poetry (Love)2020-03-14Contusion Fetish
Poetry (Love)2020-03-14Sour
Poetry (Depressed)2020-03-17Stillborn
Poetry (Love)2020-03-18G-string Incident
Poetry (Love)2020-03-19Leather Pants
Poetry (Political)2020-03-20Hoax
Poetry (Reflective)2020-03-21Lazaretto
Poetry (Love)2020-03-22Romantic Rigmarole
Poetry (Love)2020-03-25Sweetwood Song
Poetry (Political)2020-03-25Speed
Poetry (Love)2020-03-26Surrender Ave.
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