Ashen, Buried and Contained (ft. GhettoZombie & Tribeth)

By lupus tenebrae

Cracked enamel, sallow and wracked,
wracked from shame, in being cracked,
fissures flaunted in pallid slivers;
slivers of suicide peering through fissures.
Delusion dances 'neath the pall of illusion;
Illusion enabling the drug of delusion.

Poles are northern, pondering goals
Goals eliminating poles
Teeth will brace themselves beneath
Beneath dirt lie all my teeth
Extended sadness comprehended
Comprehended, love extended

Existing here, the loneliness persisting
persisting sadness makes me question existing.
Compare myself to cracked glass...I'm broken, alone, bare.
Bare my soul as if it matters, to the others, I don't compare.
Lost, can't find my way home. She never thought about the cost.
Cost of my self esteem, I miss the me that I lost.

Esteem shed like jackets in Nature's arid schemes,
Schemes to subdue then devour esteem;
Sand-swallowed demons unearthed from the rugged land,
land where my sins lie bleached in the sand;
memories kept close, bedside backets next to me, my ashes and old memories.

Chaos can be observed in a shopping mall kiosk
Kiosk with zany flashing embodiments of chaos
Antithesis of the depressive synthesis
Synthesis is the stability abolishing the antithesis
Solitary can sometimes be voluntary
Voluntary to love, warmth unlocks the solitary

Devastation causes alteration
Alteration can mean permanent devastation
Aftermath of a warpath
warpath leaves catastrophic aftermath
destruction of self, reduction...
reduction of self, destruction.

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Copyright 2015 lupus tenebrae
Published on Monday, October 5, 2015.     Filed under: "Poetry"

Author's Note:

Probably one of our most complex collabs to date, written in a series of mirror sestets.
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Comments on "Ashen, Buried and Contained (ft. GhettoZombie & Tribeth)"

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  • Star On Thursday, November 5, 2015, Star (1189)By person wrote:

    This completely gorgeous and breathtaking. You three are amazing together. I'm speechless.

  • River Lily On Monday, October 5, 2015, River Lily (1162)By person wrote:

    This is an amazing collab, you all worked great flows perfectly..I'm kinda blown away and at loss for words. I give it a 10 Scholar

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