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Sponsor Contest Title Winning Poem
10 Forty Three"Very Bunny"...Bunnies
sTr8-jAcKeT"-How Long Can You Prolong?-"Five Minutes
10 Forty Three"Fool Me Once, Twice, Thrice"Memory Was Never Enough
10 Forty Three"The Past Meets The Present"-Fangs of Derangement-
10 Forty Three"Their Titles, Your Tribute"Suicide Pact
10 Forty Three"The Greatest Hits of Your Poems"plush & pink (Amaryllis' Greatest Hits)
Zeppy94"Twisted perception of the mind "A Night Alone With My Friend Whiskey
TheProphetUntold"What We're All About."Ragnarök
edenscancer"Unrequited Erotica"Take me
carlosjackal"Dark Horse Poetry"Broken Throne
sTr8-jAcKeT"-Space, The Final Pap Smear-"Work Has Been Deleted
spikedwithLUST"The Verbless Minimalist"Hope
TheProphetUntold"Blood, Fire and Gold."Omens
TheProphetUntold"Paean, Retracing the Shadows."Silver-bound spite.
Alchemist"Pangram (fun with your ABC's)"Pangramdemonium
SolApathy"Sunset Dreams"Touching The Sky
Lux"Hawking's Universe"astral
SolApathy"...Intensity "Her, Revealed.
Anna McCarra"Poetlandia"muted motherland
SolApathy"...Seasons of the Soul…"niveous
TheProphetUntold"The Burning Season"Work Has Been Deleted
Skye"Poetry Of Its Self"A Poem to Poems
GhettoZombie"Foodgasm (DP: Gluttony)"Naga's Revenge
Willow Wept"The Language of the Wind"Work Has Been Deleted
TheProphetUntold"Now for wrath! Now for ruin! "Silent Night Deadly Night...
TheProphetUntold"The Simplest Minimalist"Niflheimr
GhettoZombie"Seven Deadly Sins: Lust Cover Contest"Portrait of Passion *7 deadly sins contest entry*
TheProphetUntold"Deep Space: ::/:;. Dark Matter"Barnard 33
Star"SupercaliWHAT?! "Epictingraniousrefecticagreusinoistislosatosis
Amaryllis"Do you know why the caged bird sings?"still life of rotting fruit
Unknown"Where Your Beautiful Heart Is"Hawaiian Hearts near and far
DarkPoet"Graphic Poetry"The Ghosts Of Flowers Memed
TheProphetUntold"Dark Lore: Myth and Legend."Dark Lore: The Darkness.
Unknown"Still, Poetry Will Rise."Work Has Been Deleted
SolApathy"Twice into the darkness"Work Has Been Deleted
kinkifrog"A Poem that counts."Fibonacci By The Nighttime Sea
spikedwithLUST"mini-crowns"dendrite crown
Adam"2016 a Recap"My 2016
Skye"Why Do You Poetry Darkly?"The Muse of Crumbling Pile
lupus tenebrae"2 Heads, 1 Poem"Of Butterflies And Dragons (feat. Anna McCarra)
carlosjackal"Apex Grin Buzz Write"a brief anatomy of gentle wonder
Willow Wept"Tell Me About Your Demon/s"The Mirrored Windows
Skye"Rhythm Is Key"Bright New Eyes - Part 1: Little Girl.
Skye"Metered Imagery"You Ask Me Why ( I Answer )
TropicalSnowstorm"Collaboration Contest"The Final Observer (with ColorMeToxic)
River Lily"Spring Time Acrostic"sunshine scribbler.
River Lily"Famous Poets/Poetress Tribute"A Missive in the Sky
Amaryllis"She blinded me with Science"Firinne Buscar
TropicalSnowstorm"Just standing at the crossroads..."you play music notes whilst i write words.
River Lily"Summer Gave Way To fall"Work Has Been Deleted
TheProphetUntold"Mad Summer."Anatomy Of A Bad Situation
TheProphetUntold"Buried Alive."This is Revenge
TheProphetUntold"Leave You Out of This."A dream of waldon's pond
TropicalSnowstorm"Tiny Hands Contest"Closet Space
lupus tenebrae"Dial "1" For Poetry"Sunday afternoons at 20 Maresfield Gardens
Unknown"Prize for a Prized Piece"Love is Non-Exisistent
Phalanx"The Far Side Of The Funny Farm."sad 2
Unknown"(1) Four line Stanza"starry night.
"10 For 10 Challenge"Work Has Been Deleted
Lydia Jade"Anything Goes"Chasing a Goddess Through the Sky
TheProphetUntold"Dark Folklore."Work Has Been Deleted
anti-poet"Haiku is that?"The Finite Grace of Sunset
Unknown"Ode to a Villain"The Reaper
TheProphetUntold"Punching the Mushroom."Work Has Been Deleted
dramamine"misfits of mayhem."Phantoms in the Night
TheProphetUntold"The Trickster."Work Has Been Deleted
TheProphetUntold"Shadow Poetry."“Shadow Poetry“
Alchemist"Once Upon A Fable"The Tree That Never Fell.
TropicalSnowstorm"Muse Through My Eyes"Work Has Been Deleted
TheProphetUntold"The Wizard of Punxsutawney."Work Has Been Deleted
Lydia Jade"Legendary Lore"Pan: A Seat at the Fire (Contest entry)
TheProphetUntold"...Ye Curse..."Work Has Been Deleted
GhettoZombie"Randomness/Jabberwocky"Work Has Been Deleted
Amaryllis"TOC presents Winter Plunderland"Eyeless
TheProphetUntold"A Feast For Wolves."Haunted Forest, A Feast For Wolves
Amaryllis"Blow Me Away!"Aftermath (Licentia Rhyme)
TheProphetUntold"Be a good Halloweenie."Work Has Been Deleted
TheProphetUntold"The Waning."Sustain - Contest Entry
Star"News Clipping."Work Has Been Deleted
Maladroit "Inspired By.."Work Has Been Deleted
spikedwithLUST"the ultiminimalist"Red antlers
Lydia Jade"A Mile In Their Shoes"i grew you this poem
Amaryllis"Poetic Pinmanship"A Butterfly's Soul
FearlessDragon"Scare me to death!"Down Stairs
TheProphetUntold"Straight, No Chaser."A Fox in Mere Embers
Bashost"Dark Haiku Contest"Cloth and Knife.
Alchemist"Write a Superhero Story"Work Has Been Deleted
Unknown"the origin"Wanton Sublunary
thyyic"My,That's A Purty Set"for whom the ( cow ) bell tolls ...
Skye"A Chuckle A Day..."Work Has Been Deleted
spikedwithLUST"Get a Personality!"Work Has Been Deleted
Unknown"If Daryl dies, they're screwed. "Work Has Been Deleted
GhettoZombie"The Aristocrats Joke"Work Has Been Deleted
Unknown"Keep your cake; I have Ducats"Work Has Been Deleted
Dei"Ask me a question, I'll tell no lies. "Work Has Been Deleted
Alchemist"The Golden Ratio Contest"Phi.
Cyll Kroepe""as simple as possible, but not simpler""Melan(colic)
dramamine"Learning New Words!"Telomere - It counts!
BloodCountess"Twisted Faery-Tales"Pinocchio's Downfall
dwells"Patriotism - a comment driven contest"Work Has Been Deleted
Lydia Jade"Scavenger Hunt Contest"GZ Scavenger Hunt
Detriment"Death In Times Stead"Should have bought a Crimson carpet
Maladroit "Marriage of Metaphors"Work Has Been Deleted
Lydia Jade"Feed My Ego Contest"Work Has Been Deleted
Amaryllis"Wise Words"expendable one
GhettoZombie"Creative Erotica"(bouncy) castle invasion.
spikedwithLUST"lovely little lists"Twelve Whispers I Scream and a Parting Note
Unknown"Write Fantasy into Reality"Work Has Been Deleted
Devilish"The Darker side.."i won the lottery.
dramamine"Sarcasm Ogasm"My FaCeBoOk PoEtRy SiTe
A Dispelled Truth"Share A Story In A Poem"Down in Yucatan
dwells""Generation Gap""A Grandmother's Advice
DarkAsh"The Dark Noob"Work Has Been Deleted
Amaryllis"It's Not the Size of the Boat..."Work Has Been Deleted
deadmanshand"Dark Poets Rise!!!"A Tanka for Eventide
Devilish"Love Beyond Definition"Work Has Been Deleted
dwells"NFL Football Teams and Nicknames"Work Has Been Deleted
lordbongo"The matchmaker"Work Has Been Deleted
Unknown"Serious Business. "Work Has Been Deleted
Unknown"small eternities"god stalks the hills of the weary
Unknown"Horrored History"Work Has Been Deleted
Unknown"Revisiting The Cliché"Work Has Been Deleted
Unknown"theoretically self similar."Work Has Been Deleted
Unknown"The Ghastly Buffet"Work Has Been Deleted
Honey"MyDarkPoetry.Com"Work Has Been Deleted
Unknown"spring fever and shadowed hysteria"Work Has Been Deleted
Amaryllis"The Darkness Inside"Work Has Been Deleted
SilentStalker"Trochaic Octameter":::cyber curtains:::
TheProphetUntold"Doom and Gloom, Always In Bloom."Work Has Been Deleted
Lazarus Long"Sunshine Scribblers Logo"Work Has Been Deleted
Honey"Villanelle"Villanelle -- The Price of Infidelity
Frater Synth"War Is War "They Have Departed
Honey"Agony is Home"Work Has Been Deleted
Unknown"Perpetual Youth"reminisce
Lazarus Long"Music that only you can hear."Work Has Been Deleted
musicalsuicide"From Your Heart to Mine"Into Darkness
Unknown"Creative Writing With A Prompt Contest"Midnight's Dominion
Adam"Pick 'em Up"I Just Wanna Muff Dive Baby
TheProphetUntold"The Minimalist."Dystopia
Unknown"Fun With Puns"Work Has Been Deleted
Honey"Snuff Film:Resurrection"Seeking Her Dwell (snuff film)
Adam"Any Style Contest"Stalkin' the Stalker
Ravenblade"The Path In The Shadows"Tribute To Poe (Alone) - Contest entry
Amaryllis"An Ode to Darkness"Enthroned by Darkness (An Ode to Darkness)
Unknown"Sunday Morning!"Skipping Church
Unknown" ?Surprise Ending? poem..."Work Has Been Deleted
Unknown"Repentance."Work Has Been Deleted
Unknown"Celebrating Dr. Seuss' birthday"Work Has Been Deleted
Unknown"Short Story Contest"One More Go
Unknown"Riddles In the Dark."Work Has Been Deleted
Unknown"List 50 items found in a grocery store."i can no longer shop happily (lost in the market)
Lydia Jade"This Is Just A Tribute"Possibly Popular (a tounge in cheek tribute to Six-Out)
Unknown"Creative Writing 101"what's your sign?
DarkPoet"Nonmaterialist Sonnet"worthless
Six-Out"Mockery Shmockery"Work Has Been Deleted
Adam"Free in chains - free verse "Work Has Been Deleted
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