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Sponsor Contest Title Winning Poem
10266"...A path not taken..."217806
13804"8 Line Splice & Dice"216223
29725"The Category is...Body!"216186
48779"There's some Horrors in this house."216028
13804"Against The Odds"214427
24182"Dystopian Wonderland"199557
25145"Very Bunny"210849
28816"-How Long Can You Prolong?-"210751
25145"Fool Me Once, Twice, Thrice"195633
25145"The Past Meets The Present"210704
25145"Their Titles, Your Tribute"210532
25145"The Greatest Hits of Your Poems"210487
89328"Twisted perception of the mind "210444
22429"What We're All About."210271
12958"Unrequited Erotica"210267
13804"Dark Horse Poetry"197872
28816"-Space, The Final Pap Smear-"209874
29725"The Verbless Minimalist"142204
22429"Blood, Fire and Gold."209344
22429"Paean, Retracing the Shadows."208971
27224"Pangram (fun with your ABC's)"208039
10266"Sunset Dreams"197154
48779"Hawking's Universe"207570
10266"...Intensity "207414
10266"...Seasons of the Soul…"207106
22429"The Burning Season"205712
2550"Poetry Of Its Self"205175
31374"Foodgasm (DP: Gluttony)"204820
76445"The Language of the Wind"204898
22429"Now for wrath! Now for ruin! "200910
22429"The Simplest Minimalist"204294
31374"Seven Deadly Sins: Lust Cover Contest"203905
22429"Deep Space: ::/:;. Dark Matter"203743
27170"SupercaliWHAT?! "203331
18438"Do you know why the caged bird sings?"203307
78644"Where Your Beautiful Heart Is"203270
1"Graphic Poetry"203236
22429"Dark Lore: Myth and Legend."202634
78147"Still, Poetry Will Rise."202565
10266"Twice into the darkness"202183
21748"A Poem that counts."201786
10659"2016 a Recap"201455
2550"Why Do You Poetry Darkly?"201634
21260"2 Heads, 1 Poem"201172
13804"Apex Grin Buzz Write"192201
76445"Tell Me About Your Demon/s"200540
2550"Rhythm Is Key"194919
2550"Metered Imagery"199873
237"Collaboration Contest"159933
24182"Spring Time Acrostic"198322
24182"Famous Poets/Poetress Tribute"198179
18438"She blinded me with Science"196652
237"Just standing at the crossroads..."194173
24182"Summer Gave Way To fall"196195
22429"Mad Summer."195074
22429"Buried Alive."195089
22429"Leave You Out of This."194672
237"Tiny Hands Contest"194471
21260"Dial "1" For Poetry"194086
23624"Prize for a Prized Piece"193766
20162"The Far Side Of The Funny Farm."193568
4918"(1) Four line Stanza"193763
"10 For 10 Challenge"192959
2720"Anything Goes"180190
22429"Dark Folklore."188438
29202"Haiku is that?"190404
4774"Ode to a Villain"190010
22429"Punching the Mushroom."188969
30985"misfits of mayhem."188585
22429"The Trickster."188153
22429"Shadow Poetry."187268
27224"Once Upon A Fable"138125
237"Muse Through My Eyes"186995
22429"The Wizard of Punxsutawney."186537
2720"Legendary Lore"186517
22429"...Ye Curse..."185959
18438"TOC presents Winter Plunderland"175261
22429"A Feast For Wolves."184076
18438"Blow Me Away!"169572
22429"Be a good Halloweenie."183073
22429"The Waning."182171
27170"News Clipping."181559
31964"Inspired By.."181616
29725"the ultiminimalist"180536
2720"A Mile In Their Shoes"180323
18438"Poetic Pinmanship"143820
36114"Scare me to death!"179588
22429"Straight, No Chaser."170913
38517"Dark Haiku Contest"167852
27224"Write a Superhero Story"170614
32376"the origin"169752
32503"My,That's A Purty Set"175058
2550"A Chuckle A Day..."174473
29725"Get a Personality!"173128
27579"If Daryl dies, they're screwed. "171329
31374"The Aristocrats Joke"170957
27579"Keep your cake; I have Ducats"170429
8243"Ask me a question, I'll tell no lies. "170387
27224"The Golden Ratio Contest"169333
17231""as simple as possible, but not simpler""168728
30985"Learning New Words!"168317
32059"Twisted Faery-Tales"167934
27231"Patriotism - a comment driven contest"167054
2720"Scavenger Hunt Contest"166928
31895"Death In Times Stead"166765
31964"Marriage of Metaphors"166277
2720"Feed My Ego Contest"166520
18438"Wise Words"163870
31374"Creative Erotica"165995
29725"lovely little lists"164937
27579"Write Fantasy into Reality"164811
26225"The Darker side.."164752
30985"Sarcasm Ogasm"163661
31164"Share A Story In A Poem"160382
27231""Generation Gap""160298
29870"The Dark Noob"158408
18438"It's Not the Size of the Boat..."158211
22395"Dark Poets Rise!!!"157163
26225"Love Beyond Definition"156358
27231"NFL Football Teams and Nicknames"156596
29033"The matchmaker"148852
748"Serious Business. "154273
12147"small eternities"154394
24636"Horrored History"152223
5194"Revisiting The Cliché"153383
748"theoretically self similar."152873
989"The Ghastly Buffet"151146
12147"spring fever and shadowed hysteria"144030
18438"The Darkness Inside"137037
2772"Trochaic Octameter"135612
22429"Doom and Gloom, Always In Bloom."139238
22601"Sunshine Scribblers Logo"139191
11094"War Is War "126845
19062"Agony is Home"137344
12147"Perpetual Youth"135908
22601"Music that only you can hear."136048
22226"From Your Heart to Mine"122017
19051"Creative Writing With A Prompt Contest"132673
10659"Pick 'em Up"66968
22429"The Minimalist."133215
18507"Fun With Puns"131957
19062"Snuff Film:Resurrection"131222
10659"Any Style Contest"129367
637"The Path In The Shadows"127945
18438"An Ode to Darkness"129050
49"Sunday Morning!"127731
49" ?Surprise Ending? poem..."126515
19051"Celebrating Dr. Seuss' birthday"126474
19051"Short Story Contest"126147
4263"Riddles In the Dark."125899
49"List 50 items found in a grocery store."125069
2720"This Is Just A Tribute"125078
49"Creative Writing 101"124050
1"Nonmaterialist Sonnet"123210
98"Mockery Shmockery"123345
10659"Free in chains - free verse "123131
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