Poetry Contest: Twisted perception of the mind

Twisted perception of the mind Results

Grand prize: DC$ 20

Contest Creator: Zeppy94

The rules were given as the following:

So I love to learn who people really are ... I’m not talking about society’s perception or what you where taught you are , I’m referring to that side deep in us. You know that side that may scares or excite us . 2 quotes that I love :

-“ give a man a mask and then they will show you who they really are”

- if you want to truly know someone watch them in front of what they fear most.

See fear is an amazing force. Generally speaking it cause most people to do 2 things. Either they freeze over come with the power of there own fear. Or they lean to use that fear as a motivation.

I feel it’s necessary to talk about courage or being brave. A courageous person is not someone who is fearless. But someone who is scared to the core of the there soul. But still gives it there best shot.

So I challenge everyone to put a mask on and embrace your fear.

Write a pome about your deepest fear. Tell us how it’s torture you . Maybe warped your perception. But towards the end. Tell me how you can embrace it and turn the liability of fear to an amazing motivational asset.

The rules are simple :
1. one entry a person
2. The longer the better
3. Must be a new piece of work.

As for the winning poem ......
I’ll be looking for exceptional word play and metaphors I have to deeply think about in order to comprehend. I want to feel like what ever the fear of the winner is became mine while reading there work

I want to feel the raw passion behind your words.

Good like peeps I look forward to reading some amazing art


Contest Entries for "Twisted perception of the mind "

Title Entered Award
A Night Alone With My Friend Whiskey2019-03-07Winner!
Like Internal Algorithms Making Love To A Zombie Broken Heart2019-03-03
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